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Jan 18, 2021
6:45 PM – 8:00 PM
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RCO Bulletin January 04, 2020
RCO Meeting January 4, 2020
Rotary Club of Oakville
Meeting of January 4, 2020 – via ZOOM
The meeting was called to order by President Mike Henry at 7:00pm with a toast to Queen and Canada. The invocation was provided by Michael Bissauge.
A total of 18 people signed into the Zoom meeting – 18 members (no guests this week).
  • Mike – Mike Lawrie waterside cleanup Saturday April 24 – more information to follow, including what hands-on opportunities will be available locally
  • Judy – looking for writers, for newsletters, PR, etc. – please contact Judy if you are interested
  • Judy – Melanie is looking for crafters to work with Stewart St. seniors, for specific projects - please contact Melanie if you are interested
  • Michael B – we need another volunteer for the Bursary Awards Committee, to help Jean and Nipun – if you would like to review student bursary applications please contact Michael
  • Michael C – Paul Harris Awards event Jan 20 – RCO winners are Adam Graves & Scott Bachly (Smilezone Foundation) plus Shawn Fang & Carol Chen
  • See below for further details on some of the above
Happy Bucks & Fines (Amin Kawar):
  • Frank was happy about his imminent 2 month trip to BC
  • Other members were also happy, but could not trump Frank!
  • Amin asked some interesting current affairs based Fines questions
The speaker, our very own Dr. Robert (Bob) Dodds, was introduced by George Farrow. Bob talked to:
  • Bob explained the interaction between the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Hydro One, and other power generation, distribution, management and regulation entities
  • OEB protects consumers (ratepayers) against the power production and distribution companies – “licensed monopolies with guaranteed returns” i.e. Bob and his team work hard to ensure value for money – for residential and commercial ratepayers
  • Panels of Commissioners are comprised of engineers, accountants and lawyers (“but sadly no architects”, per Bob)
  • Bob mentioned that Ontario ranks first in North America for nuclear & wind power generation
  • We all had a lot of questions for Bob, who was happy to carry on for another 20 minutes after his presentation ended – Bob obviously knows the industry backwards and is excited to share his knowledge!
Hasan Bin Sohail thanked Bob for his time today, and snook-in a bonus question of his own.
Mike and Mahendra gave an update on the transition from RCO Charitable Trust to RCO Charitable Fund. George F, Len and Rae are the transition Directors for RCO CF, and we are looking for volunteers to pick up the baton after the RCO CF AGM (to be arranged – watch this space).
Next Meetings
  • Jan 18 – Paul Bannon
  • Jan 20 – Paul Harris Awards Zoom Gala
  • Feb 1 – The Rotary Foundation
President Mike closed the meeting at 8.25pm with a toast to friends and Rotarians around the world.
Announcements – further information:
Multi District Waterside Clean Up on Saturday April 24 - we are hoping to have all clubs active in their communities. The District Environment Committee will be providing ideas and resources to assist in the planning. It is necessary to keep safety as our top priority, so we encourage all clubs to follow all current Public Health and governmental restrictions on gathering.
Do you like to write? CAN you write reports without too much challenge? Could you help various projects by researching, writing or proofreading now and then? Do we have amongst us any budding journalists, copywriters, grammarians, or report writers? It would be good to know if we have a corps of writers we can turn to now and then, as needs arise with our newsletters, press releases, publicity pieces or project reports. If so, please let Judy know so she can make a list.
Melanie Warrington is looking for members who can assist the 12 senior crafting club members of our Stewart Street Seniors’ residence. They are wanting ideas that they can work with, to help them break the monotony of isolated life in these COVID-19 days. Instead of in-person crafting club meetings, they are currently working in their own apartments with Ziploc bags of craft materials for specific projects, including making Halloween candy bags and Christmas cards for Rotary tenants. If you, or your partner, or other members of your family have an interest in crafting (or if you have any project ideas for Rotary tenants/ the Oakville community), please let Melanie know.
Melanie Warrington: