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Nov 29, 2021
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Dec 06, 2021
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RCO Bulletin November 8, 2021
Following approximately 30 minutes of fellowship President Michael Conway called the meeting to order at 6:30pm with a Toast to the Queen and Canada.
Members Present = 17
Plus we had 8 guests:
  • Hugo, a Prospective member
  • Rachel Arhin, Member of Rotaract Club of Toronto
  • Peggy Dodds, guest of Bob Dodds
  • Hariette Henry,  guest of Mike Henry
  • Robert Mckichan, guest of Bob Dodds
  • Harshal Gupta, guest of Frank Morewood
  • Brian Sproston, guest of Monty McDonald
  • Monty McDonald, our speaker & guest of Mike Henry
Prem Nair performed the Invocation
Frank Morewood led us in O Canada
Mike Henry reminded us that the Rotary Online Auction 2021 is our current fund raiser and encouraged all members to register, check out the many quality items, and encourage friends and family to also visit the site. 
Rod Craig informed us that the Oakville Memorial Trafalgar Hospital has a shortage of crutches, should anyone have spare crutches please drop off at OTMH. Rod is one of the lucky ones to have crutches to help him get around since he fractured his leg.
Frank Morewood was our Fine Master and collected Happy Bucks.
There were numerous members who were happy to be attending our first in person meeting at the Golf Club in many months, Rudy was very happy with our many guests attending our meeting, Ralf was happy to be able to do lots of outdoor activities with the good weather.
Frank was able to also collect lots of $ as Fine Master by asking each table a different question about Arch Klumph Society which recognizes donors to the Rotary Foundation for $250,000 or more. Not too many of us knew the answers.
Mike Henry introduced our speaker, Monty McDonald. Mike was hired and worked for Monty early in his career.
Monty had prepared an inspiring and very informative presentation via Powerpoint titled “Great Oaks for Vimy Ridge”. His presentation was in 3 parts:
  • The Battle of Vimy Ridge
  • The Soldier
  • The Project – Great Oaks for Vimy Ridge
Monty began with a history of the battle of Vimy Ridge
He shared about the great losses that the British and French had suffered through. Monty described the strategy that the Canadian soldiers followed, led by General Arthur Currie, to take Vimy Ridge with comparatively minimal losses of life.
Monty then introduced us to Private Leslie Miller and his long-ago connection with this soldier who fought at Vimy Ridge.
Pvt Miller was a communications specialist who would work from the trenches and lay communication wires in advance of the troops.
While he was there Pvt Miller collected acorns and had them sent to Canada. Upon returning from WW1, Leslie Miller couldn’t teach due to health reasons, so he became a fruit farmer. He named his farm The Vimy Oaks. Leslie Miller planted the acorns he had sent from Vimy Ridge on his farm.
As a teenager Monty worked on the fruit farm and got to know Leslie Miller and heard about his stories from Vimy Ridge. Including the story about the Oak trees on the property that came from acorns from Vimy Ridge.
In 2004 Monty and his wife visited Vimy Ridge and while touring the area realized there were no Oak trees to be seen anywhere. It was then that Monty vowed to repatriate a few acorns from the property in Scarborough back to Vimy Ridge.
Monty shares the long and challenging journey to accomplish the repatriation. The perseverance by him and his team of volunteers and experts is amazing. The result of their efforts is that 415 Oak Trees are again growing at Vimy Ridge, all because of Monty’s dream and huge commitment.
Joe Joseph gave Monty a warm and gracious Thank You for his sharing his awesome presentation.
Michael Closed the meeting at 8:30pm with a Toast to friends & Rotarians around the world.