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RCO Bulletin October 18, 2021
President Michael Conway called the meeting to order at 7 pm with a Toast to the Queen and Canada.
Members present ~ 19
  • Peter (owns an Oakville dental office and moved from Vancouver 2 years ago)
  • Jamison Soeder (Ralf’s youngest daughter)
  • Norm Bindon (Rotary District)
  • Tanya McCready (speaker)
Norm Bindon thanked RCO for grant funding both District and Global and mentioned how Food Relief for Families had really helped in Guatemala and Honduras.
Reena Sandhu performed the invocation.
Rod Craig - Happy Bucks and Fines
Lots of happy members (e.g., Bob, Ralf, Reena, Riona, Frank, Peter) and a Canadian Citizenship test for fines.
Guest Speaker – Tanya McCready, Husky Sledding
Tanya said she had spoken at about 105 Rotary meetings in the past year.  Tanya’s story, and that of her husband Hank DeBruin, started in the 1990’s in Guelph with multiple trips to a pet store that resulted in a husky puppy coming home.  This led to reading the book, Race Across Alaska, a second husky, watching the Disney movie, Iron Will, two more huskies and finally trying sledding.
A friend later suggested turning their love for huskies into a business.  Job dissatisfaction and a small business load from a bank in Huntsville resulted in quitting their jobs on Sept 1, 1999 and moving to Haliburton, while 8 months pregnant.  Their house wasn’t ready for winter so they moved into the kennel with the dogs and hosted ~300 paying guests for dog sledding that winter.
The next step was that Hank wanted to race the Iditarod, the famous dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome Alaska that takes anywhere from 8-15 days to complete.  Hank didn’t finish the race due to a rule violation and did learn a valuable lesson that the leader must stay strong in order to look after the team.  This was as a result of getting wet feet during the day and not stopping to dry out which later resulted in frostbite and put the entire team at risk.  Hank was gutted after the disqualification but the next year completed the 1600 km, Yukon Quest and later successfully completed the Iditarod.
Their tour sledding business typically saw 2000-3000 people for dog sled tours, pre-COVID.  Now they also rely on speaking engagements and book sales (Iditarod Dreamer and Journey of 1000 Miles – available on Amazon) to help pay their substantial bills.  They have 146 huskies.  Food cost $4500/month and more if racing.  Vet bills can be up to $8000/month.
There were lots of questions.  Some included:
How are the dogs named?  In themes – Harry Potter, Wild West, Lord of the Rings (didn’t work so well as too difficult to pronounce)
What makes a leader dog?  One pup in a litter usually shows more curiosity by 4-5 weeks and becomes a leader.
Riona thanked the speaker and said that her story was very inspiring.  I think that all agreed.
M. Conway - Next meetings:
2-Nov (Tuesday) – District Governor – Zoom
8-Nov – Vimy Ridge (speaker is leading an effort to re-populate Vimy with Oak Trees – Oakville Golf Club
15-Nov – RCO Club AGM – Zoom
29-Nov – SAVIS Halton – Zoom
6- Dec – Club Assembly – Zoom
20-Dec – Christmas Party – Oakville Golf Club
M. Henry – Wine Bottles for Online Raffle
- drop two “nice bottles” of at 30 Normandy or send cash ($30-35) to
G. Vincent – This day in history.  On Oct 18, 1929, Canada recognised that women are persons and can be senators.
Meeting concluded at 8:10 PM with a toast to friends and Rotarians around the world.