Our newest members at the Bellaire/SW Houston Rotary Club, Adam Heghinian, Carlos Iglesias, and Kelly Cook, were given a wonderful orientation on Wednesday, March 29 at the home of Neil and Traci Silverman.  
Guests brought items to the potluck style meal.  Additionally, canned food items were collected at the request of our hosts to be delivered to the Houston Food Bank.  Those who could not bring a canned item, donated money to the cause. 
After spending some time in fellowship, the group assembled to discuss what Rotary means to each of us.  The answers were diverse in the causes that each member is passionate about, but they all centered on one central theme - serving others.  Everyone in attendance came from all different walks of life - age, culture, religion, etc.  However, one common goal brought us together - service.  Adding new members to this goal will no doubt have an impact on not only our section of Houston, but throughout the world.