ImagePast Rotary District 5890 Governor Bob Ellis was honored by BSWH Rotarians for his 50 years of Rotary service with a celebratory dinner at BraeBurn Country Club. PDG Bob led our District during RY 1992-1993 (known as ' The year of the Red Coats'). During his gubernatorial year, District 5690 constructed a Habitat for Humanity House and opened Houston’s Rotary House International in the Medical Center. His year also saw Rotary sponsor the opening of the first International Goodwill Industries in Mexico City. Bob has been a significant contributor to District programs, mentoring, projects, and vision, Imageand has represented Texas with distinction at the Rotary International level. Dr. Bob serves as the only Lifetime Director of BSWH Rotary and is a retired dentist who practiced in Houston for many years. He is pictured with his lovely wife, Leanna, and receiving his Major Donor Award from Past Rotary International President Dong Kurn Lee (RY 2008-9).

The following delightful excerpt from PDG Bob's 1992-1993 statement to District 5890 Rotarians gives a snapshot in time of Rotary during his gubernatorial year:

Leanna and I have visited 57 clubs during the first 19 weeks of this Rotary year. We made it to 28 clubs a second time and to 11 clubs three or more times. We have driven 13,404 miles, and used 744 gallons of gas.  We had two minor auto repair expenses and purchased one set of tires. We have eaten— boy have we eaten—We have been served Beef 35 times, Chicken 29 times, Seafood 28 times, Spaghetti 4 times and Veal 3 times. Someone thought we would enjoy Turkey, Polish Sausage, Peppered Steak, Lasagna, and Enchiladas 2 times each. At one time or another we have had Lamb, Pork chops, Lobster, Fajitas and Shrimp. We have enjoyed Potatoes 34 times, Rice 15 times. We were offered Green Beans 17 times, Broccoli 16 times, Mixed Vegetables 19 times, Carrots 13 times, Squash 6 times and Corn and Pasta 8 times each. We dined on other Vegetables that included: Okra, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Spinach, Green Peas, Snow Peas and Black eyed peas. We were surprised with artichokes, cooked cabbage and brussel sprouts. In addition some meals included French Fries, Fritos, Barbecued beans, and Cornbread Dressing. We started 6 meals by slurped soup, Sixty Five times we’ve Munched Green salad and We have Slithered through fruit salad, 16 times and Jello salad, twice. Other starters included: slaw 15 times, pasta salad 12 times and potato salad 4 times. To say nothing of several servings of tuna salad and chicken salad.  We munched cucumber salad, green pea salad, green bean salad, cauliflower salad and Carrot/raisin salad. We’ve tried to be neat with Taco salad, Black Eyed Pea salad, corn salad and Hearts of Palm salad. (Hearts of Palm ?) We’ve also been fed with Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Fried Potatoes, Flour Tortillas, Dry Cereal, Sweet Rolls, Bananas, and Orange Juice. We’ve had desserts we didn’t know and desserts we didn’t eat. Some desserts we couldn’t eat and some we shouldn’t eat. We even had some we were ashamed to eat. We had rolls, corn bread, pumpkin bread ginger bread and plain bread. We drank enough tea to tint the ocean and enough coffee to balance the trade with South America. We have enjoyed the company of Ambassadors, Priests, and Teachers, of Ministers, Postmasters, and Stock brokers, of Bankers, Accountants, and Lawyers and of Scientists, Engineers, and Politicians. Friends you name them we met them. We Drove, we Talked , we Met, — we Sang, we Pledged and we Prayed.

You see my friends Real Happiness is not only Helping Others, real happiness is meeting and enjoying the company of others.

And Rotarians we loved every minute of it.

Bob and Leanna Ellis”