ImageBellaire Rotary has awarded a $2500 grant to the Christian Community Service Center, whose non-profit services to the Houston community include two emergency food pantries, vocational training programs, job search programs, and providing school supplies, Christmas food/gifts, and vision care for the needy. Executive Director Michelle Shonbeck sends her thanks and invites all Bellaire Rotarians who would like to tour CCSS facilities and/or learn more about the programs to contact her at 713-961-3993 The Rotary grant is unrestricted and funds will be used wherever the CCSC services need is greatest. .
ImageFor illustrative purposes, the CCSC cost of providing various services is $45.00 for school supplies and a new school uniform for a pre-K through eighth grade student; $60.00 to feed a family of 4-6 people for 5 days at the Emergency Services or Gethsemane Food Pantry; $125.00 to provide a family with emergency financial assistance for rent, utilities or prescription meds; $275.00 to transport a student for vision screening; $1,700.00 to provide 25 students with an eye exam, and $4,500.00 to supply 100 pre-K through eighth grade students with school supplies and uniforms. If you would like to join Bellaire Rotary in supporting CCSC efforts, click DONATE. Photos from CCSC website.  In 2013, CCSC programs achieved the following:40,569 Clients were supplied with nutritious food packages, 910 Families received electricity, water, natural gas or rent assistance, 210 Persons received medical assistance for eyeglasses, dental services or prescription medication, 11,377 Persons were provided with gently-used clothing, 9,956 Pounds of produce were harvested for clients at the CCSC Gethsemane Community Garden, 321 classes, job leads, and coaching were provided with 30% becoming successfully employed, 231 aspiring entrepreneurs participated in a 42-hour business training program; 64 job leads were shared with graduates, 6,572 Students started the academic year with new school supplies and school attire, 2,597 Children received new toys, books and family food packages for Christmas, 868 Students received vision screening; and 616 received professional eye exams with 569 receiving new prescription glasses.  The non-profit is maintained from diverse funding streams, which the CCSC website notes roughly breakdown as: In-Kind Gifts 36%, CCSC Endowment 3%, Events 5%, Foundations 12%, Sunshine Resale Shop 12%, CCSC Churches 12%, Individuals 17%, and Corporations/Clubs 3%.  To learn about CCSC volunteer opportunities available, click volunteer. The interdenominational service coalition currently has 42 local churches as members. The Gethsemane Community Garden is located on the campus of St. Luke's UMC, which in 2011 produced over 4,000 pounds of fresh produce for both the Gethsemane Food Pantry and the Emergency Services pantry. Approximately 12 volunteers regularly plant, prune and harvest the organic fruits and vegetables.