2015-16 Slate of Board Directors and Officers for Bellaire/SW Rotary:

President & Director - Norman Neskar;
President Elect/Foundation Director - Andy Pollard;
Vice President & Director Brent Borgstedte;
Secretary & Director - Mary Welch;
Treasurer & Director Don Beckner;
Past President & Director Julian Fisher-Hanks;
Sgt at Arms & Director - David Montague;
PR/Communications/Media Director Nan Wagoner;
Grants Director- Trung Doan;
Membership Director - Kathleen Wiesenthal;
Flags Director - Ray Burgert;
Club Administration Director- Ralph Rieger;
Service Projects Director - Judy Harwell;
Vocational Director Ed Burdzinski;
Youth Director- Ole Donaho;
Social Director- Shawn Nichol;
Programs Director- Richard Cole;
Director at Large - Craig Wooten;
Director at Large - Byron Holloway;
Club Announcer& Director - Mark Dickens.