Our 2016-17 Ambassadorial/Global Scholar, Jan Dudek, who was selected to represent Rotary District 5890 for the 2016-17 grant, updated the Bellaire club on his plans for his upcoming two year course of study in Madrid. He will attend CEMFI (Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros) a/k/a the Center for Financial and Monetary Studies, which was established by the Central Bank of Spain in 1987 to train scholars. CEMFI is a small, elite program, with 17 professors and about 60 students (45 at the master's level and the rest PhD candidates).
Jan looks forward to working with Dr. Calsamiglia, whose area of particular expertise is in looking for ways to measure children's "non-cognitive" abilities such as social skills and emotional quotients and recently received a 5-year grant from the EU. Jan visited Madrid in April, and the Romani culture is his chosen field of study. Currently a Rice University post-graduate student and originally from Slovakia, Jan is fluent in five languages and became a naturalized American citizen in the Fall of this year. Thanks to BSWH Scholarship Chair Mike Livingston, his committee, and the District Committee for the screening and interviewing work that went into Jan's ultimate selection.