Bellaire Rotarians had a terrific time bowling together at Palace Lanes, as the photos show.  We even had our own Palace Lanes Royalty! Amy Burdzinski won the “under 4 feet tall” trophy, and Westbury Christian Head of School Mike White won the “over 4 feet tall” trophy. Photos, L to R: Max Esses, Norm Neskar, Brent Borgstedte, Jennifer White, Don Beckner, Andy Pollard, Sonja Kristiansen, Linda Beckner, Mike White, Judy Harwell; Trophy winners Mike and Amy; Amy with Kathleen Wiesenthal; Max Esses, Rick Sims, Norm, Brent, Brent's son, Jennifer; Amy and Mike working the lanes; Norm's son and Brent's son getting ready; Norm's son walking away satisfied with his performance.