Story of Our SILVER BELL

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The story of BSWH Rotary's Unique Silver and Gold Bell

 To celebrate our GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY in 2007, we plated the finial of our already unique silver bell in purest gold!  Search the world over, but you won't find a Rotary Club with a bell like that of Bellaire/Southwest Houston Rotary!

Rotary club bells come in different sizes and shapes, but most are brass because that metal produces clean, melodious tones when struck.  Over time, however, brass bells become darkened, acquiring a muddy, corroded color. Bellaire / SW Houston Rotary's bell is larger than most, beautifully shaped and a shiny silver color.  Yet it's ringing tone is deep, rich and clear.

How does a silver bell produce such great resonance and melodious tones? The Bellaire/ SW Houston bell is brass, and until 1982 was, like others, dingy and dark. In 1982 our club celebrated 25 years of service, and members chrome-plated the bell as a SILVER ANNIVERSARY PROJECT.

Our Bell is distinctively beautiful and reminds us that pure service shines in a needy world like silver and gold.