What makes Curt Belts such a good Rotarian?  Here is his story from being a member to being a Rotarian.  

I joined Rotary 13 plus years ago, but didn’t become a Rotarian for another 2 plus years.   I joined Rotary to satisfy an employment condition and to network with business people to establish relationships.  Little did I know that Rotary would change my life in ways I could not imagine. I was employed by Missoula Rural Fire District so service to the public was already in my blood so Rotary made sense because they are an international service organization.  What I didn’t know or really expect was the relationships that were built were not the relationships I envisioned when I started, but friendships that would have never happened had I not joined Rotary.  Most of the people in Sunrise Rotary were unknown to me and it was unlikely that our paths would have crossed without Rotary. The friendships extend beyond Rotary.  However, these relationships would not have happened had I not involved myself with the business of the club instead of just attending meetings.  It was when I involved myself in Rotary and became a Rotarian.  It is then that the relationships and friendships began to grow.  Now I consider the members of Missoula Sunrise Rotary my friends and look forward to spending time with them in what ever activity our club does.