ANNE GUEST-FOUNDING MEMBER SUNRISE ROTARY:   In 1989, I was honored to be asked by the Rotary Club of Missoula to be a charter member of the new Missoula Sunrise Rotary Club; along with 12 other invitees.  We knew this was an incredible opportunity to establish another Rotary Club in Missoula and to be a part of such an impressive international organization that is committed to enhancing communities and improving lives around the world.  Our mission was to help youth at risk and be very inclusive in our membership.  We have remained true to that commitment for 32 years.  Today, our club is diverse, engaged, energetic with a tremendous sense of camaraderie throughout our membership.  I am proud to be a member of the Missoula Sunrise Rotary Club and its many accomplishments throughout its history. Here are a few of those accomplishments.
 In 1993, I was President of our club.  During that year we built a ropes course for Camp Mak-a-Dream for children going through cancer treatment. A few years later, I applied for our first International Rotary Grant to fund building a library in Malawi, East Africa where my daughter was a Peace Corp volunteer teaching English to young native students. In 2000, I hosted a “garage sale” on top of the newly constructed Bank Street parking structure to raise money for the Missoula Youth Homes. Then for many years, our club partnered with Montana Rail Link to host a unique fundraiser on the “Money Train” to benefit a variety of non-profits in Missoula. After that, several of us started the “Who’s Who Review”, a talent show in partnership with the Montana Repertory Theatre to raise money for both entities. Because of the success of these events and many others, Missoula Sunrise Rotary has truly made a difference locally and internationally.