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Missoula Sunrise Rotary welcomes guests.  Please feel free to join us.
Missoula Sunrise

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:30 AM
Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern
3720 N Rserve Street
Missoula, MT 59806
United States of America
We have a Zoom option for our meetings too! We also have a monthly social the 4th Wednesday of the month from 5 - 7 PM ... check our calendar for locations.
Susan Hay Patrick
Hands Across The Border
Peace Park Ceremony
Home Page Stories
Congratulation Matt Doucette on guiding our club to a Presidential Citation!    During Matt's presidency-our club met the goals he set for the club during his term in office.    This is no small feat.    We had to have new members-be active with our service-international projects, social media-etc.   Only 3 clubs in our District met their goals-so this is a very big deal.    Well done Matt and well done Sunrise Rotary of Missoula!
My name is Betsy Mulligan-Dague and I joined Rotary in 2017. I had been invited to come to a meeting several years before and thought about it but never got there. Until one day in March of 2017 when I came to a meeting and realized that I had found my tribe! It was not the typical way we tend to think about a tribe as a group that thinks like us, but rather precisely the opposite. Rotary is a place where all perspectives come together over the common ground of service.
ANNE GUEST-FOUNDING MEMBER SUNRISE ROTARY:   In 1989, I was honored to be asked by the Rotary Club of Missoula to be a charter member of the new Missoula Sunrise Rotary Club; along with 12 other invitees.  We knew this was an incredible opportunity to establish another Rotary Club in Missoula and to be a part of such an impressive international organization that is committed to enhancing communities and improving lives around the world.  Our mission was to help youth at risk and be very inclusive in our membership.  We have remained true to that commitment for 32 years.  Today, our club is diverse, engaged, energetic with a tremendous sense of camaraderie throughout our membership.  I am proud to be a member of the Missoula Sunrise Rotary Club and its many accomplishments throughout its history. Here are a few of those accomplishments.
In September-Rotarians from around the world gather to shake hands across the Montana/Alberta border and vow to never take up arms against the other.  Again this year as last; the event will be via zoom. The two hour seminar will show case the Superintendents of Glacier and Waterton giving their annual State of the Park Addresses. And at the end of the program is the heartfelt vow for peace.
Peace Pledge - Ed Handl
"In the name of all we hold sacred, we will not take up arms against each other. We will work for peace, maintain liberty, strive for freedom and demand equal opportunities for all. May the long existing peace between our nations stimulate other peoples to follow this example."
Have you ever played golf in the dark; with only a glow ball and a 7 iron?  Well you are in for a great time if you haven't had the pleasure.  You can tell by the big smiles here that it is a lot of fun.    Join us on Friday, September 17th at Linda Vista Golf Course, 5 o'clock.   Bring your BFFs that know how to have a good time.   Contact Brandon Naasz for more details: or 360-4963.    Remember only a 7 iron-
Who was Rusty Lockner and why is he so important to our Sunrise Rotary Club? 
Rusty was a successful real estate broker who was passionate about many things. One of those passions was fly fishing. And he was darn good at it. In fact, he was an expert. If you were lucky enough to fish with Rusty, he would know where to find those big rainbows, cuts or browns in the morning, and if you were really lucky, he might put you on an Artic Grayling.  Then he knew where to find dozens of brook trout in the afternoon, a number off which would wind up in the frying pan that evening.
Rusty was also passionate about Rotary. He was a charter member of Santa Rosa (CA) Sunrise Rotary and provided leadership for that club as well as our own Missoula Sunrise Rotary Club. He was very generous and really good at fundraising. Using that talent, Russ helped raise thousands of dollars for our club in support of club activities supporting youth with special emphasis on our work with two Partnership for Youth homes in Missoula. He also made personal donations in support of Missoula’s youth as the need arose.
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Missoula Sunrise Rotary developed a Mission Statement that we are proud to share:
Missoula Sunrise Rotary actively supports youth at risk while embracing the Rotary International seven areas of focus: promoting peace; fighting disease; providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene; saving mothers and children; supporting education; growing local economies and supporting the environment.
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