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Missoula Sunrise Rotary welcomes guests.  Please feel free to join us.
Missoula Sunrise

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:30 AM
PO Box 5755
Missoula, MT 59806
United States of America
Meetings to resume at Blue Canyon Wednesdays at 7:30 AM beginning July 7th 2021 ***********Tax Deductible Donations can be made to Missoula Rotary Foundation, PO Box 7113, Missoula, MT 59803-Memo donation to say "For Sunrise Rotary"
Mission Statement
Missoula Sunrise Rotary developed a Mission Statement that we are proud to share:
Missoula Sunrise Rotary actively supports youth at risk while embracing the Rotary International seven areas of focus: promoting peace; fighting disease; providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene; saving mothers and children; supporting education; growing local economies and supporting the environment.Change
Who is this guy that appears to be having way too much fun?   Why, it is Gary Bowman,  our Distinguished Service Award recipient.  Gary is our club secretary and has been for years-but this last year; he went above and beyond to keep our club going on zoom.   I am sure he had to do a few zoom lessons but he did his magic and there we were every week in little panels.    He also does all our reporting to International, takes meeting minutes and sends them out every week;  and all with a big smile on his face.   Gary owns Morgenroth Music and is a wonderful singer and musician.  Just ask Matt Doucette and Andy Nelson.  
Here are two fine Rotarians-Matt Douchette and Sandy Bollom with big smiles on their faces.  Matt is the outgoing President and Sandy is the incoming. BUT the big smiles are for the award that Sandy was given-Rotarian of the Year!  As last years president elect; Sandy was head of the membership committee.   With a little bit of help from her friends; she was able to grow our club like never before.  Her strength is her follow up and detailed notes-think that is why she does so well as a commercial lender for First Security? I am looking forward to having her as President-she will keep us all on our toes!  Congrats Sandy-well deserved!
Sandy Bollom 2021-2022 President
Marion Alley 2021-2022 President Elect
Toby Hubbard 2021-2022 President Elect-Nominee
MATT DOUCETTE- Sunrise President 2020-2021   Our club accomplished a long list of goals this last year.  Even during the pandemic.  We switched to Zoom meetings early and found that we had almost as much fun as meeting in person.   The list of accomplishments  is long but here are highlights:   Locally we had a big impact on the Sunrise and Gallagher kids.  We had a Santa event for the kids at the Museum of Mountain Flying with Miss Montana, a Pumpkin Carving at Sandy's barn, a Bug Walk and picnic, a ski trip to Discovery, a morning at Travelers Rest, and a morning cleaning the yards at the two homes.  Also, we raised funds for Salvation Army-belling ringing; we distributed "Dictionaries" to 3rd graders in Missoula schools; helped buy computers for our Youth Homes;  painted & stained the playground equipment at Franklin School; have a partnership to buy trout mobiles for the schools this fall (in Honor of Rusty Lockner).  We partnered with Essential Eats to bring over 300 bikes to native children.  Internationally we are a part of the Global Coalition project in Guatemala and the Honduras Teacher Empowerment Program.   We even grew our club during a time when some lost membership.   We have 11 new members!   The list goes on; but I am sure you get the idea that Matt and his fellow Rotarians can have fun and still accomplish the "Service Above Self" mission.   
Jory Dellinger
Jory Dellinger was born 1976 here in Missoula, Montana and is a fourth generation Missoulian.  Jory has a degree in Business Management and works for the Boy Scouts of America, Montana Council.  He serves as the Deputy Scout Executive/COO for the state of Montana with responsibilities in Fundraising, Marketing, Finance and Relationships.  Prior to working for the Boy Scouts, Jory spent nearly 18 years with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  Jory has been involved with the Noon Rotary club since 2014.
Jory lives at home with his wife (also a fourth generation Missoula kid and two grown children – A University of Montana Student and a University of Montana Graduate.  His interests include hunting, fly fishing, camping, rafting and woodworking. 
Here Comes Sara Wecker!
I grew up on the edge of a small town, went to school, moved to the wild west, fell in love, raised five great kids, grew alot of food and cooked it. I am also the director of an all volunteer, virtual non-profit serving Indigenous led program in Montana.   Visit her non-profit Essential Eats Distributors on face book.
We welcome Rachael Wogsland as one of our newest members:  Rachael is excited to be joining the Sunrise Rotary Club! A native of Missoula, her Rotary journey began with Montana RYLA in 2004. A year later, she was off to Mexico through Rotary Youth Exchange in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, where she attended high school, gained the perspective of two different host families, learned Spanish, and formed meaningful connections in the community. Rachael studied economics and management at Beloit College and then moved to Chicago, where she found her way back to Rotary and joined the Rotaract Club of Chicago. The travel bug bit in 2016, so Rachael moved to Seoul, South Korea to teach English for two years, followed by ten months in Puerto Rico. Rachael loves budgeting, spreadsheets, and money matters, and is currently studying accounting at the University of Montana in preparation for the CPA exam. She also enjoys hiking, skiing, any opportunity to speak Spanish, and playing bluegrass fiddle.
The New Missoula International Airport Tour
Missoula Sunrise Rotary and the 2 Partnership for Children Homes took a construction tour of the new Missoula Airport one sunny afternoon.   This portion of the airport won't be open for a while but it will be well worth the wait.   I was impressed by so many cool features such as window glass that changes when the sunlight becomes too bright, helping with air conditioning costs and glare .  Our beautiful Missoula mountains are one of the first sights  arriving guests will see thru those abundant window scapes.   There will be alot of new restaurants and brew house (Kettlehouse). One of the coolest features that I had not thought of before;  a doggie restroom.  Will include the fireplug!    Click below to go to the website to view the updates on construction.
Missoula Sunrise Rotary has been helping put together bikes for Essential Eats Distributors for over a year now.    Walmart provides the bikes at cost and once assembled they are taken to a child on an  Indian Reservation.   The bikes are essential for these children and offer them a way to visit friends and relatives.  Many have to travel far due to the rural nature of their home towns. 
One of our new members, Sara Wecker, is the director of Essential Eats Distributors. 
Here is what our fellow Rotarian Andy Nelson wrote on their facebook page:  
Our bike build crew this weekend. Thanks Martel Construction for hosting and all of the volunteers who came to help out. Big shout out to Sara Wecker and Essential Eats Distributors for spearheading the project! Our Rotary Club is so happy to assist in this effort.
Every child in the Pryor School District on the Crow Nation will be receiving a brand new bike! Many have been delivered to Rocky Boy as well. So far between our Rotarians and the Martel Construction crew, we’ve assembled roughly 250 bicycles!
*Lesson of the day - don’t let me or Don Powell handle the air hose. We tend to blow things up.
SCOTT APPEL:    After several trips to Missoula to visit their son at the University, Scott and his wife, Maura finally decided not to leave.  They have  been in Missoula for two years after having spent the last 30 between San Francisco, Orange County and Seattle.   Scott was a partner in an accounting firm in CA.   He thought the move to Missoula meant retirement, but instead he became the Executive Director at CASA of Missoula.   Good on ya Scott!   Missoula always needs caring people like you.   Personally, he enjoys skiing, hiking, and a good glass of wine with his dinner.   He is also an avid concert goer-in 1971 his first concert was the Rolling Stones-Nice!  Scott fits in so well with all of our Rotarians-his volunteering-his love of outdoor Montana, and the love of good music.  Welcome Scott to new friends and fun times!
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DON POWELL joined us a year ago and then Covid hit!   He made 6 in person meetings before we switched to Zoom for the year.   What Don told me was he really misses seeing our smiling faces on Wednesday at the Blue Canyon.  Don was new to Missoula and had joined Rotary for the Service and for the Fellowship.   It has been a rough year on all of the Rotarians-not getting together for bacon at the BC.   Soon, Don, soon.    Don currently works for the Marriott Corporation in downtown Missoula as Asst General Manager.   He came to Missoula via Bozeman and MSU.   Don previously worked for Reach Inc-where he assisted adults with developmental disabilities.   Born in the Flathead, he is a true Montana boy.  Don loves to snow board, golf, ice fish, and is an avid concert goer.    We are lucky to have Don as a Sunrise Rotarian member.
2021 ANNUAL SKI DAY WITH OUR KIDS FROM GALLAGER AND SUNRISE:     These Sunrise Rotarians are spending the day at Discovery.   Cale, Nick, Andy, Joe, Dave and Amy took  Monday off  to help  spread some joy to The Gallagher and Sunrise kids.  The kids are treated to a ski lesson, lunch, and an hour or two heading up and down the slopes with these folks.    Thank you for everyone that made this day a success!  
Welcome Cale Mages to Sunrise Rotary!    Cale enjoys most of the fun outdoor activities you can think of. Combine those with good people and good food and you're looking at his ideal way to spend time. An innate learner and curious person, Cale aspires to be a jack of all trades and master of none. His hobbies also include the household and things like cooking, sewing, and other activities that have resulted in his self-given title of Domestic Champion.
Cale had the privilege to travel and live abroad at a young age and continues to have a fascination with culture, history, new ideas, and traveling. He believes everyone has a story worth telling and enjoys hearing new ones whenever he can.
When he's not doing these fun things Cale can be found providing consulting engineering services. He has consulted extensively in the world of water and wastewater treatment, and recently joined the team at IMEG (formerly Territorial Landworks) in Missoula where they specialize in engineering, surveying, and land planning. At IMEG he supports site development projects, subdivisions, water and wastewater treatment systems, road and transportation, among others.
We love beer and so Nick Shontz will fit right in.  Welcome another great new member:
Nick loves beer and databases. By day he leads a team using technology to connect hop growers and beer brewers. Specializing in geospatial web development, Nick started his career at the University of Montana, co-founded a geospatial marketing tech company (GeoFli), and then landed at Yakima Chief Hops, combining his love of beer and technology.

When not staring at a screen, Nick is a Scoutmaster with a local Scouting troop and enjoys playing softball, cooking, canoeing, and spending time with his wife, son, and their 2 dogs.

Better Favorite movie quote (from Hot Fuzz):
Inspector: And he had one thing you haven't got.
Nicholas Angel : What's that, sir?
Inspector: A great, big, bushy beard!
This is why we do the Dictionary Project
My name is Alena Furlong and I'm the parent of a 3rd grade student who received one of the dictionaries your Rotary group donated to the Missoula Online Academy. THANK YOU! I must say, from my "jaded adult perspective" I thought it was nice but didn't think much of it. My son, however, LOVES IT. He has been reading it (for fun!) and learning all sorts of new information from the special sections.
His class also has been using it all week to play a game together (something about sharing the page and then giving clues to a word and everyone guessing) which has been so wonderful to hear, as I know the teachers have been struggling with the "fun/social" aspect of online school. I never thought a dictionary could be so fun!
Your group's thoughtful gift has really been an unexpected blessing for our family during this difficult time. We have been very much self-isolating since last March because my husband works at the hospital with COVID-19 patients and it has been challenging. So thank you for bringing some more social interactions and fun into our lives, especially for my son who really misses seeing his friends in person. It is very much appreciated!!
My son is still learning to type but says "I like it. My favorite part is the state part where it has the state tree, state bird and stuff. Thank you."
I hope you can share our thanks with your entire group. Thank you again and stay safe!
Alena Furlong
Missoula Sunrise Rotary is so lucky to be welcoming new members-Here is Graysen Vukasin
I grew up in small town Havre, Montana loving the outdoors. As a youth I Participated in Boy Scouts achieving the high rank of Eagle. My dad was in the financial industry growing so I had the advantage of an early education of how money works. Those discussions served as my springboard into financial services.  I now focus my skills and knowledge to assist others in achieving their maximum potential wealth and protection of that wealth. 

Outside of work I love being with my wife Kristin, our three kids, and our new puppy. You can find me golfing, skiing, camping, on the lake with family and friends, or one of our great breweries here in Missoula. I joined Rotary as a way to give back to Missoula.

ANDY NELSON:  Another Great New Member
Andy is originally from Culbertson, MT, and moved to Missoula in 2011 to attend college at UM where he graduated with degrees in history and political science. He currently works as the operations administrator at the Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center as well as a health education specialist at the Montana Gay Health Task Force. A lover of the arts, Andy enjoys singing, dancing, and acting in his spare time. Especially on stage at his home away from home, Missoula Community Theatre. He's thrilled to be a new member of Sunrise Rotary and looks forward to giving back and serving the local community here in Missoula. 
Another of our newest members is Susan Massey.  I think you can tell from the photo she provided-that Susan likes to Water Ski.  And she likes to Paddle Board, Hike, Golf -claims she is a tomboy.  One of her exceptional qualities-she is an expert with a yoyo.   Seriously.  Susan is a 4th Generation Montanan from Wibaux and a UM Griz.    She has two children who are in the service to our country and we thank them for that.   Susan works for Western Montana Mental Health Center in HR.  She is said to have a quick wit, is efficient and practical.   We welcome her to Missoula Sunrise Rotary.
Rebecca Bowdidge is one of our newest Rotary Members.
Rebecca or Becky-either is okay-is married with 4 boys.   2 of these boys are in military service and the other 2 are still at home-the youngest is 9.      Rebecca has been an insurance - health & life agent for over 15 years.   She says she is an insurance geek; she just loves insurance and helping people with their financial futures. 
Rebecca lives the Rotary 4 way test;  its principles were instilled in her since she was a toddler.  And she loves  that Missoula Sunrise Rotary works with kids.  
Her hobbies are golf, running, hiking,  being at the lake, skiing (down hill and water), cooking (she is writing a cook book) and horses.   
Rebecca grew up in Rock Creek and is a 4th Generation Montanan.  Might explain the horses and why she spends her family vacations in the Bob Marshall.
Please join me in welcoming Rebecca/Becky Bowdidge to our Rotary Club.    
Santa Party with the Sunrise and Gallager Homes
December 19 -We had an amazing night at the Museum of Mountain Flying tonight! The Missoula Sunrise Rotary Club hosted a Christmas Party for Youth Homes kids. Despite the limited numbers of people that could be there due to covid restrictions the gathering was a big hit for the kids!
Special thanks go out to Santa and his elf and to Minuteman Aviation for taking the route past the museum for the kids to see the flying Santa and reindeer. Tonight won’t be soon forgotten for many.
The quote of the night came from the MSO control tower: “The tower is requesting a Santa fly by. Is that possible?” It sure was.
Merry Christmas!
2020 Pumpkin Carving with the Gallagher and Sunrise Houses.    Sandy's Bollom's barn was decked out in lights, streamers, hay bales, and pumpkins.    The kids and Rotarians had a great time gooping out pumpkin guts and carving scary faces.   
The smore's, hot dogs, and apple cider were devoured by our little gobblins and later there was a social gathering of the volunteers at Sandy's beautiful home.   I think it was a successful event!
Waterton-Glacier International  Peace Park
In September-every year except this year-Rotarians from around the world gather to shake hands across the Montana/Alberta border and vow to never take up arms against the other.   This year the event will be via zoom.    The two hour seminar will show case the Superintendents of Glacier and Waterton giving their annual State of the Park Addresses.  And at the end of the program is the heartfelt  vow for peace.   

Peace Pledge - Ed Handl

"In the name of all we hold sacred, we will not take up arms against each other. We will work for peace, maintain liberty, strive for freedom and demand equal opportunities for all. May the long existing peace between our nations stimulate other peoples to follow this example."

To find out more about the Peace Park-click below.

Annual Hiawatha Bike Ride with Missoula Partnership for Youth Kids
Last Saturday was a beautiful day to bike the Hiawatha Trail.   No smoke-blue skies and NEW BIKES for the kids.   Thanks to the Missoula Rotary foundation and individual Sunrise Rotary members, so each child could have a new bike.   You will remember that these bikes were part of the July project where 200+ bikes were assembled and delivered to children on Montana Reservations.    Thank you also to our Rotarian, Joe Hertig, for heading up this special day