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Our club partnered with other clubs internationally to tackle the opioid crisis in New York, USA.
This is the latest update regarding our GG 1636129.  The Knysna Club and the Knysna Education Trust are really promoting our partnership by making the annual opening birthday celebrations a very Canadian event!  
This is a project that came in "second place" at the 2014-15 Annual Showcasing of the Mississauga Joint Cluster International Project.  John Gilvesy encouraged us to take this forward and find funding.  Bolton, Burlington Lakeshore, Meadowvale,  Oakville Trafalgar, Oakville West, and Palgrave all gave generously to make this project happen. 
Creating income opportunities for about 150 women from earthquake-affected village of Khokana through a Rotary Global Grant Project #1746726 with the RC Patan as Host Partner and the RC Mississauga Meadowvale in Canada as International Partner, RC Burlington Lakeshore, D-7080, RC Montreal in Canada and the RC Branchburg Township and D-7510 in the USA as Funding Partners and Rotary Foundation World Fund Match Funds. The photos show interaction during the project planning meeting and the Khokana village where the project will take place.
This multi-club joint project will provide a  combined model preschool and hands-on teacher training centre for children from Khayalethu, a rural disadvantaged area of Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.  The project will renovate three existing buildings in the township, and provide fully-equipped learning facilities for the preschool /teacher training centre.  An estimated 120 preschool children up to the age of 7, and 40 preschool teachers will benefit each year from this project.  It is conservatively estimated that each group of 40 teachers will provide pre-school care and education to 1,450 children each year.  The children will receive basic literacy and numeracy skills, pre-school care and nutrition.
Update on Mississauga Joint International Project in Mbayi.  Construction of 20 wells to provide fresh, clean water to 5,000 people has commenced (October 2014).   Through matching District and TRF grants, the nine (9) Rotary Clubs in Mississauga joined together with the Rotary Club of Chingola to plan and execute this project.   
THANK YOU to the Rotary Clubs of Mississauga for their invaluable assistance and support in making this dream a reality.
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