History:  The Rotary Club of St. John was formed in May, 1999.   Ronald  (Ronnie) Lockhart was the founding member and served  from 1999-2000, 2000-2001; Doug White served from 2001-2002; David Dostall served from 2002-2003; Christopher Angel served from 2003-2004;  David Carlson served from 2004-2005; Gerianne Kotas served from 2005-2006; John Fuller served from 2006-2007; Joan Bermingham served from 2007-2008; BJ Harris served from 2008-2009; Catherine Fahy served from 2009-2010; Bruce Monroe served from 2010-1011, 2011-1012; Robert Schesinger served from 2012-8/2012; Joan Bermingham served from 9/2012-2013, 2013-2014; Alecia M. Wells served from 2014-2016, B. J. Harris serves from 2016-2017.


In an attempt to groom new, younger persons for membership hopefully leading to presidencies, we are inviting all persons in the community who have St. John at heart to attend either the Wednesday meeting at Westin's Lemongrass Restaurant at noon.  On the third Wednesday of the month, the meeting is at 5:30 pm at Westin's Snorkels Restaurant.