Posted by Ray Taylor on Feb 05, 2018
The Power of International Service.
Rohit Kumar and Cheryl Ewing. 
Cheryl Ewing prepared today’s presentation about The Kitchener Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, but is just recovering from illness and her voice would not allow her to present.  Rohit Kumar, who was planning to assist in the presentation, made the complete presentation.
In large part due to Canada Revenue Agency rules, The Charitable Foundation is now very separate from the Rotary Club of Kitchener, but members of the Club assist in raising funds to allow the Charitable Foundation to carry out its work.  The Club’s President, President Elect and Treasurer are all members of the Charitable Foundation board, and there are several appointed board members.
In past years, in addition to a committee to oversee the Rotary Audrey Wipper Educational Fund (RAWEF), there were separate committees for Local Grants and Allocations and the International Community Services.  It was decided to combine these two committees this year.  This allows us allocate our budget on an annual basis where we can accomplish the best results (not 50% to each segment).  In addition, we have changed the timing of grant applications.  We will delay the awarding of most local grants until later in the calendar year.  This will hopefully allow us to apply for additional District Grants if applicable.  We will also consider making local grants to a particular charity over several years – if that makes sense.
Project highlights include:
It is well accepted that in smaller communities, if we are able to educate qualified women, it is generally the case that they will provide huge benefits to the community.  Since its inception in 2010, about $167,000 has been awarded as scholarships.  To date, 22 women have graduated (including two who went into the Masters program), and a further 28 are currently participating in the process.
Aroland First Nations School
This is a new grant, where together with support from others, performers were able to present a live performance at this school, which is north of Geraldton.
Coming out of an immunization day last year (attended by Ross Newkirk and Hubert Singh), several Rotary Clubs in the District raised US$10,000 to outfit a commercial kitchen in a newly opened hospital.  This kitchen provides food for families who bring family members to the hospital and have to stay for one or more days.
WASH India
In conjunction with the Rotary Club of Mississauga West and the Rotary Club of Calcutta, about 120 home toilettes and 12 bore hole wells have been installed in villages in the Calcutta area.  We contributed US$1,000, and with other contributions and District and World grants, a total of $49,000 was raised.
Shoeboxes and Beyond
Now in its 20th year, and for most of this period lead by Cheryl, this is truly a District project,  While it started as a “shoebox” project, this has expanded to food packages, coats, hoodies, toques, sox and mittens.  In addition, drinking fountains have been installed in schools, and we have supported the local volunteer fire department by shipping an ambulance and fire gears from the Region.