Posted by Neil Swayze on Nov 13, 2017
a) Martin Jones spoke about the success of the Youth Forum held at city hall last Thursday, Nov. 9 and thanked Bill Proctor & Neil Swayze for their help.
b) Peter Gray was happy about celebrating his 30th anniversary and his upcoming trip to Israel with his wife.
c)Cheryl Ewing talked about a very successful performing arts conference she attended in Petrolia.
d) John Webster was proud to have finished his first full marathon on the weekend, as well as, the success of the satellite club which will now see three applications being made to join our club.
e) Paul Rostrup was happy to announce that he will be retiring in the near future and that he and his wife will becoming grandparents for the first time as his son and his significant other are expecting.
f) Mike Pollard was just happy.