Posted by Neil Swayze on Nov 13, 2017
1.Wayne Boehler reminded members that the Car Draw takes place this Friday, Nov. 17th at the Kitchener Auditorium between second and third periods. We have 20+ members who are selling tickets that night. They are to meet at the Aud at 5:30 pm.
2.Online Auction Committee presentation by Neil Swayze, who outlined the progress made with 5 sponsors, 100 items for auction which raised approximately$7,000 so far. He spoke of the contributions made by 30 members who have contributed items to the auction; sponsorship and donations.  Now members can assist by just contacting neighbours, friends & family to make them aware of the event; that way we can increase the number of bidders to date at 400+. The recovery value for these items ranged from 60% [so there are still some great items like snow throwers & BBQ to bid on] to 80 to 97% for gift cards, sports tickets etc..Reminder to collect the auction signs and return to committee at next meeting Nov. 20th.
3.Darren Sweeney spoke on the updates done to Club Runner and extended an offer to all members to try the site out and if they had any suggestions to improve the site then let him know. There will be an App for smart phones to use as well.