Speaker Date Topic
Nicole Beal & Guest Feb 05, 2020
Project Amigo

Education and literacy are powerful keys to enabling a brighter future for the world’s children, who in turn benefit the nations they live in. For nearly three decades, Project Amigo has helped rural children in Mexico continue their formal schooling up to and including college level.

In existence since 1984, and formally as a U.S. 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity since 1996, Project Amigo provides educational scholarships, material support, enrichment activities and preventive and remedial health care to disadvantaged children and youth in Colima state.


Join us to hear the first hand account of a scholarship recipient along with her sponsor, Rotary member, Nicole Beal.



Seth Coleman Feb 17, 2020
Mission Fiji

Mission Fiji is a grass roots 501 (c)(3) non profit, committed to help create thriving Native Fijian communities, by empowering village leaders and serving families. Founder, Seth Coleman, will speak about humanitarian projects to help the villages. Whether it is serving single mothers and children, working with the rugby teams, or helping create jobs, Mission Fiji is passionate about finding creative and meaningful ways to serve.


Danfung Dennis Mar 17, 2020
Condition One

Condition One founder Danfung Dennis will showcase 3-4 virtual reality videos approx. 5 min in length each along with some conversation surrounding his climate platform