February 22nd!, 2017
Volume 28 Number 10

Editor: Faye Lippitt
2016 - 2017 Sunrise Board
Dawn Cummings
President Elect
Deirdre McFarlane
Vice President  
John Lee
Immediate Past President
Christine Mathews
Hazel Brown
Uli Ecke
Stacy Parke
Director: Communication
Faye Lippitt
Co-Chairs: Club Administration
Alison Shirlaw&
Chris Anco
Director: Youth Services
Jerrell Garner
Co-Chairs: Fellowship
Barbara Oosterwyk &
Pauline McGettigan
Director: Literacy
Woody Foster
Director: Community Service
Anthony Lawson
Director: International Service
at Steward
Director: Fundraising
Deirdre McFarlane
Foundation Chair
Christine Mathews
Well-Being Officer
Aimee Bush
Sergeant At Arms
Jerrell Garner
Disaster Recovery Chair
Barbara Anley


Member Birthday
Karelle daCosta       Feb 01
Alison Shirlaw         Feb 02
Michelle Watler       Feb 05
Stacy Parke            Feb 16
Sook Yin                Feb 19
Hazel Brown           Feb 21
Faye Lippitt            Feb 22
Lynne Whittaker     Feb 23
Eddie Balderamos   Feb 24

Member Anniversary
Andrea Bryan      15 years   Feb 1,  2002
Tony Cowell        11 years   Feb 15, 2006
Uli Ecke                4 years   Feb 20, 2013
Paul Jenkins          1 year    Feb 24, 2016
Keisha Smith         1 year   Feb 24,  2016

Santa Came To Town
    Santa with his helpers and new friends
      at Scranton Park, Friday evening
Our Club Shares the Christmas Spirit
Last week Community Director Anthony Lawson and Claude Myles helped the club spread good cheer for the Christmas season when they donated cheques to Scranton and Windsor Park and North Side Community Associations. 

Northside Celebrates Christmas
       With Rotarians
Contributor Martha Connolly
Rotarians Sharon, Martha, Karelle, Keisha and their guest, Melissa Alexander, Santa Jerrell and Honorary Rotarian Lynne Whittaker brought Christmas cheer to the community of North Side at their annual Community Christmas Party held on December 9th at the Civic Centre. 

The event opened with prayer and a presentation from the Pastor from the United Church and Christmas songs were song by lovely North Side residents and then the food was blessed. Seniors unable to walk well were served first and then table by table all in attendance lined up to a buffet of delicious food which included turkey and Cayman style beef and sides such as rice and beans, plantain, steamed vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy and macaroni salad. Rotarians served over 100 guests of women, children and seniors.
As the evening went on, Santa Jerrell made his appearance with a hearty Ho! Ho! Ho! and walked in ringing his bell with a red sack over his shoulder, yes folks, Santa had a red velvet sack filled with candies for the kids!.  The kids and seniors alike were delighted as they cheered and clapped as Santa Jerrell greeted everyone and made his way to the stage as Rotarian Martha gathered the kids and lined them up to receive a treat from Santa.
In all it was a wonderful evening. Thank you to the board for supporting this event and for the donation made and and thank you to Rotarians; Hon. Rotarian; our guest and Santa Jerrell for taking time to give back to the North Side community showing true Service above Self and this year's theme of Rotary Serving Humanity. Thank you all!

Windsor Celebrates
Saturday was Windsor Parks big day with Santa, and the lineup tells the story of how popular it was.
  Family and Disease
   Prevention Month 
     Health City
Last week's presenter, Sales and Marketing Specialist Jennifer McCarthy spoke to us about our health and how to maintain it. Working for two years now at the new Health City in East End, she was poised to answer all our questions. 
Health City, or the Shetty Hospital as some of us know it, has seen 22,737 out patient visits to date, with 2,657 in patients as well as 201 in their sleep study. A joint venture of the Narayan Health and Ascension health Care in the U.S., their market has been primarily adult and paediatric cardiology, however they have expanded to many other areas as well, including recent Oncology Specialist care. They also work closely with Hospice Care in their pain management program.
Now that these many specialists have located to the Shetty Hospital, Cayman has seen a reduction from 300 air ambulance evacuations to 72 this year. Besides critical care, the hospital has embraced their Have a Heart initiative where 100% of funds raised go directly to the program, and that has given 140 surgeries for free or significant discount to children worldwide. 
Jennifer encouraged club members to be proactive with their health and to consider Health City's Executive Healthcare; a time efficient, holistic approach to health that puts patients through three sets of screening tests in a day. Most insurance policies have a wellness benefit that will cover all or a large percentage of the cost.
Jennifer is from Canada but has lived and worked in Cayman for 19 years. Granted Caymanian status two years ago, her background is in Broadcast Journalism and Communications. You may remember her as manager of Cayman HospiceCare where she worked for 12 years before she moved to Health City 2 years ago. She now manages the Executive Health Program as well as the non-profit association, Have a Heart Cayman Islands , which provides free and/or subsidized heart surgeries for children from around the world.
Bringing Christmas Cheer to the Pines
Thirteen Club members turned up at the Pines to bring song and good cheer to residents on Saturday Dec 10th. 
Sign Up For Atlanta!
Two hundred and one Rotarians from District 7020 have registered for the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta. 
Currently, the registration rate is $340. This rate is good until December 15. On December 16, the registration fee increases to $415.
The correct website for registering for the convention is ""  You can also get on without the "en/Atlanta"
Other sites for various other activities are
DG Haresh will be hosting a reception for all 7020 attendees during the convention. Also, sign up for the newsletter that gives details of speakers, The Presidential Peace Conference and more.
  Rotaract Celebrates
    Ten Fine Years

Meeting Make-Up Information
Make-Ups: In addition to make-up opportunities at Rotary Sunrise, you can make up absences at another club in Grand Cayman. The meeting times and places for the other clubs are as follows:
Rotaract Blue:
Wednesdays 6 p.m. at Royal Palms Beach Club Restaurant
Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman: 
Thursdays 7 a.m. at Champion House
Note* This Thursday 12th meeting cancelled.
Rotary Club Cayman Central
Tuesdays 7:30
Georgetown Yacht Club
Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020: Online meetings anytime. Visit the new e-club platform at
   Traveling: If you are going to be traveling for an extended period of time (more than two weeks), be sure to let the Secretary know and remember to submit any make-ups you do in a timely manner.