August 17, 2016
Volume 10, Number 6

Editor: Faye Lippitt
2016 - 2017 Sunrise Board
Dawn Cummings
President Elect
Deirdre McFarlane
Vice President
John Lee
Immediate Past President
Christine Mathews
Hazel Brown
Uli Ecke
Director - Membership
Stacy Parke
Director - Communication
Faye Lippitt
Co-Chairs - Club Administration
Alison Shirlaw &
Frank Balderamos
Director - Youth Service
Jerrell Garner
Co-Chairs - Fellowship
Barbara Oosterwyk 
Pauline McGettigan
Director - Literacy
Woody Foster
Director - Community Service
Anthony Lawson
Director International Service
Pat Steward
Well Being Officer
Aimee Bush
Director Fundraising
Foundation Chair
Christine Mathews
Sergeant At Arms
Jerrell Garner
Disaster Recovery Chair
Barbara Anley

Member August Birthday
Aug. 4:  Uli Ecke
Aug. 5:  Buffie Balderamos
Aug 9:  Christine Mathews
Aug 11: Dean Heyne
Aug 21: Sharon Buckley-Omier
Aug 24: Sybil McLaughlin
Aug 26: Barbara Oosterwyk
Member Club Anniversary
Ian Comins: 5 years: Aug 2011
Your weekly chuckle


Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Committees Meet Monthly
To encourage attendance and better feedback from your directors, our president has designated the first Wednesday of the month for Committee meetings. 
Tai Chi Communications: new useful method to communicate.
Whatsamattayou practice for future International trips
Chiefs meet and Literally change hats again.
New Ideas
Our Guests will have a new guest book when they sign in.
Yes, that's Ian Comins joining our meeting from Nassau on Skype. Consider this next time you travel.

Rotarians Put the Fun in Fundraising
On Saturday Evening, Rotarians Frank and President Dawn serviced tables at Lauren's Restaurant in Buckingham Square for a sold out evening of great food and fellowship. The two of them raised $2120 to be shared between Rotary and Feed Our Future. 
It was Ian and Sian Adams' tenth anniversary that night and ever the romantic, Sian brought yellow roses for her guests. Alas, our stalwart Rotarian was felled with the flu and the couple weren't able to attend. The roses still found homes with ladies that night, and sent a wish and a thank you to our anniversary couple.
Save Your Clothes For Guaruma
Once again our Club's International Committee is organising a trip to Guaruma and need your help. Both medical and non-medical personnel will be leaving for the weekend of September 9th, returning the 12th, and this time visiting two towns: Las Mangas and El Pital. They are asking for things that you may have in your home that to parents and children in Honduras, are beyond their ability to purchase. Please have a look at the list and consider donating.
6-9 month
1-4 years old
5-10  years old
11-15  years old
15-20  years old
3  boys  21—25 years old
2  girls  25---28  years old
Ps. Women in both commuties are around 30-35 years old..around 40 ladies

D.G. Haresh Visits Cayman
Submitted by President Dawn Cummings
DG Haresh arrived on Wednesday mid-morning and was greeted by AG Al Thompson.  He visited the Rotary Club of Cayman Brac on Wednesday afternoon where President Lauriese and other members of her club treated him to a tour.  The evening closed with fellowship at a weekly meeting of the Brac club where he was joined by a contingent from Grand Cayman, including representatives of Rotary Central, Rotary Sunrise, and Rotaract Blue. On his return to Grand Cayman on Thursday, DG visited with RCGC and Rotaract Blue.The two Rotaract clubs took DG on a tour of some of their hands on projects.
On Friday DG was hosted by the three Grand Cayman Rotary clubs.  We started the day with a 6:45am interview on Daybreak (big shout out to past Rotarian Pat Kreitlow for helping to arrange this!), followed by an island bus ride where we visited the various projects the three clubs have worked on. For Sunrise this included a stop at the Mental Health outpatient area that had recently been given a much needed facelift (spearheaded by Rotarians Anthony and Jo with lots of help from RCGC), and also a stop at the Spotts Newlands Park which was brought to life back in 2010 by Rotarian Claude. One major highlight of the day was lunch at the Shetty Hospital in East End, followed by a tour of the facility.
On Saturday the Grand Cayman clubs each held board meetings with DG to bring him up to speed on our plans for 2016/17, and DG provided some very helpful tips on ways to make some of our projects more impactful.  We closed the day with a joint club happy hour at the Westin, attended by members of Sunrise, Grand Cayman, Central, RCGC and Blue.  DG Haresh and his wife Vindu left Cayman early Sunday morning and have promised to be back in the not too distant future.
See Cayman 27 interview with our D.G.:

August MMM 
On Tuesday August 9th P.P. Christine Mathews hosted her MMM (Monthly Mentoring Meeting). It happened to also be a significant birthday for her that same day.
As well as a large contingent of Rotaractors, nine Rotarians attended the evening event that featured nurse Kathy Corley who gave us valuable information for emergency situations. Nurse Corley is a Canadian who has thirty years experience in her field. She works at Seven Mile Clinic.
PP Christine serves her usual tastey buffet
Nurse Corley describes what a well-stocked emergency kit looks like.
August 17th Duty Roster
Greeter:       J.D. Mosley --Matchette
Raffle:           Claude Myles
4 Way Test:   Dale Nickason
Grace:           Barbara Oosterwyk
Meeting Make-Up Information
    Make-ups: In addition to make-up opportunities at Rotary Sunrise, you can make up absences at another Club in Grand Cayman. The meeting times and places for the other Clubs are: 

   Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central:
   Meets Tuesday's at the George Town Yacht Club restaurant at 7pm for a 7:30pm start.
Rotaract Blue:
Wednesdays 6:00 pm at Royal Palms Beach Club Restaurant.
Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman: Thursdays 7 a.m. at Georgetown Yacht Club
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman: Thursdays 12:15 for 12:30pm, The Westin hotel ballroom.
Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020: Online meetings anytime. Visit the new e-club platform at
If members are unable to make a regular weekly meeting or Rotary event, make-ups can be done online. The e-Club website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just need to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on the site and answer some questions to get the make up certificate.
   Traveling: If you are going to be traveling for an extended period of time (more than two weeks), be sure to let the Secretary know and remember to submit any make-ups you do in a timely manner.