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Hacking a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic



While Italy has been largely locked down to fight the coronavirus, members of the Rotary Club of Morimondo Abbazia have galvanized support — and a measure of hope — for people and businesses reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

Their efforts are addressing both immediate and long-term needs: donating meals to health care workers, organizing a supply chain to get the ingredients for liquid sanitizer, and helping businesses that depend on in-person commerce move their operations online.

Italy has been hit hard by COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, with more than 183,000 cases and 24,000 deaths, mainly in its northern region. The government took sweeping action in early March, essentially prohibiting all movement of people in the northern region and closing all nonessential businesses. Soon after, it expanded those restrictions to the entire country.

Italy’s economy will be badly damaged, with small and medium-sized businesses affected the most. Club members in Morimondo, a town in northern Italy near Milan, wanted to help shops and merchants through the crisis.

Delivering lifeline for businesses

One of the biggest challenges for Italy is what happens after the pandemic ends … We wanted to do our part in setting them up for success when things get back to normal.

Club member Davide Carnevali, co-founder of an information technology firm, proposed an initiative that would involve the club and the company, Mitobit. They would work together to create an e-commerce platform where small and medium-sized businesses could promote, sell, and deliver their products.

In Italy, where only 10 percent of all businesses sell goods online, the website gives these merchants an important boost now and in the future. “We want to change their whole approach to their business that will be sustainable long after the shutdown,” Carnevali says.

The club and Mitobit launched the site, Consegnacasa, meaning “home delivery,” during the second week of March. Mitobit developed and designed the site, and the club members handled legal support, communication, and promotion. The site offers merchants free advertising to showcase their goods and offers customers an easy online payment system and delivery service.


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Gone Electronic!

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We understand our Rotarians have small businesses or are stakeholders of one and during this challenging Pandemic where businesses are closed or crippled we are looking for ways of supporting each other.
We are building a list to let each other know how we are managing during this time, whether it's waiting for the restrictions to lift, or whether you can support a particular business.

Closed - completing existing projects and working from home.
Contact: Wil: 9492727 or
About: Architecture and Commercial Interiors
Contact Pres. Pat for more information


Open - Online studies
About: Always looking for guest lecturers, mentors, guest evaluators, and companies that need employee-training. Summer registration is happening now!
Contact PP JD for more information.


Closed - Emergency Services
Tel: 769-1111 or
About: Specializes in servicing luxury, European and Hybrid and Electric vehicles, all cars welcome.

Contact Rot David R. for more information.


Open: Curbside Pick up or Delivery
Call: 946-7684 or order online
About: Donations daily to Cayman Food Bank
Contact Rot. Matt S for more information.

Open: Working by Phone or Emails
Contact: 945-3450 | |
About: Insurance brokerage for Home, Condo, Cars, and Construction
Contact Rot. Eddie B or Sec. Andrea W.

Open: Working by Phone or Emails
Contact: 926-7358
About: Full Service Real Estate Company serving
Residential & Commercial: Sales, Rentals, Leasing, Consulting and Property Management
Contact Rot. Tony Catalanotto 


Let's connect to each other and support one another.
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Due to the pandemic - Makeups are possible but have been varying in times and regularity. We recommend you contact the club you would like to visit Online prior to their meeting date.
Rotaract Blue:
Every other Wednesday, See Facebook Page for their Meeting Dates
Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman: 
Thursdays, 7:30pm via Zoom - Double Check on Instagram or with Rot Adrean
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman
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Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020: Online meetings anytime. Visit the new e-club platform at

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