Get Hooked on Fishing – Not on Drugs.


Loud thunder, lightning and heavy rains did not prevent anglers from registering on the evening of Friday 12th September for the Rotary Cayman Brac Annual Fishing tournament - Fry Jack Bonanza- scheduled for September 13, 2014

With partly cloudy skies, 30% chance of showers, East to Southeast winds of 10-15 knots and moderate seas with wave about 3- 5 feet on the North side of Cayman Brac, most boat captains had their boats on water but on the side of caution did not take children under 2 years of age. One angler took her poodle for good luck and peace of mind. It was about 1:50PM when the skies became very dark and heavy rains and higher waves brought the captains ashore.

All 36 souls at sea came safely to the weighing station at the Panama Canal with their catch. Fishes were cleaned on site and donated to the pot. Fried fish and fritters were served to all anglers and visitors on site. This was indeed a big Rotary family event with members of the Rotary Club, volunteers, cooks and anglers and extended families coming together to have fun, Catch-Fry and Eat and to promote the theme, “Get Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs”

The awards ceremony took place that same evening between 6:00PM- 7:00 PM. President Dhal seized the opportunity to talk briefly about dangers of illegal drugs, drug addiction and the harmful effects of drugs such as alcohol and tobacco among children and adults. The special message is that persons who started using drugs at an early age becomes an addict at a tender age and find it extremely difficult to quit as they get older. Drugs cause severe harm and hurt – stay away. Every listener received this message as they can relate to the harmful effects of drugs on our islands.

All anglers were given free T-shirts promoting the theme- Get Hooked on Fishing- Not on Drugs and every child received a gift certificate from our sponsors. In the child category, the first prize for the heaviest collect weight of jacks went to Kelwin Scott who received a smart phone with the complements of LIME, In the adult category paid angler Ms. Sanya Scott received US $1000.00 for the heaviest collective weight. The youngest girl and boy anglers were Josani and Joshua Burke Jr , 8yrs and 4 yrs respectively. Close competition among the captains who took the most members aboard was among Steve Bodden, Sanya Scott, Joshua Burke, Kenny Ryan, Justin Bodden and Sheldon Scott. There were many other consolation prizes, every one got a gift and went home safe and happy thanking all involved.

Special thanks to all Rotary volunteers, cooks, our sponsors from Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and most of all the anglers who brave the weather, donated their catch and made this – first Fry Jack Bonanza Fishing Tournament, a very successful and memorable event.

Get Hooked on Fishing – Not on drugs