Posted by Mitsy Ellis-Simpson on Aug 18, 2018

BVI Rotary family had a very successful Foundation Dinner with the historic visit of RI President Barry Rassin.

The event was a well-publicized affair and historic which involved local professionals, Community leaders, members of the public and other community organizations which had the opportunity to learn more about Rotary. This was also the first time that an RI President visited the British Virgin Islands in the capacity as President. 
Over 200 Rotarians, Rotaractors and guests were in attendance including members of the BVI Government, Lions Club of Tortola and other persons. The wonderful work of Rotary was shared about Rotary Foundation and the presence of Rotary in the aftermath of the 2017 hurricanes. Public Image Director Mitsy Ellis-Simpson created a one hour documentary slideshow of the work undertaken by the BVI Rotary family after hurricane Irma and Maria. Assistant Governor Elvis Harrigan presented on the House Shelter Project and Rotary overall support with the slideshow playing.
Several Rotarians received awards including Paul Harris Fellow awards and were pinned by President Rassin.  PAG Gerard Farara also lead an auction which reaped over $10,000 from the night’s event.
The event was a resounding success for the BVI Rotary family.