Jan 24, 2019
Terry K. Miller - Executive Director, BASH
Social Health Awareness

Terry Miller is the Founder and Executive Director of The Bahamas Association for Social Health (BASH), a civil society organsation for male substance use disorder treatment and rehabilitation. Mr. Miller is noted for his philanthropic work on issues such as public health, criminal justice, human rights, the role of civil society, energy and the environment.

He has travelled throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean, and appeared on many local community development platforms as a public speaker on people-centred and participatory system approaches and practices. Mr. Miller has represented the vulnerale and marginalized populations as an advocate for equality, rights, equity and freedoms.

Recently, he completed his third term as President of Civil Society Bahamas, a National organisation for non-profit civil society organisations. Currently, he has been appointed to serve with stakeholders on committees representing agencies, such as Inter-American Development Bank, Office of the Prime Minister