Yoga & Mimosas Fundraiser

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Yoga & Mimosas Fundraiser
Sunday, August 14th, 2022
What do you get when you combine an Eco Rotary Club, A Caffe, Yoga, and a Raffle? That's right, you guessed it, a wonderful Sunday.
Roughly sixty yoga enthusiasts signed up for our fundraiser at Hawaiian Aroma Caffe at the Beachcomber Waikiki. With every purchased ticket, individuals could participate in one hour of yoga; they received three raffle tickets and a mimosa coupon for those old enough to drink.
After the event, participants were invited to stay and eat brunch. Hawaiian Aroma Caffe not only serves impressive mimosas, but they have fantastic coffee and waffles.
This exciting and successful event raised money, allowing the Eco Rotary Club of Kaka'ako to continue funding critical projects like the Genki Ball Project, beach and bike path cleanups, and Pearl Haven, to name a few.
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Paint Pahoa - Mele Mural Service Project

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On Saturday, 06 August 2022, three members of the Eco Rotary Club of Kaka'ako once again joined forces with fellow Rotarians from the Big Island of Hawaii for another service project. This time, Rotarians united with the community and local artist Keoni Alvarez for a rejuvenation project to paint a Mele Mural on the wall at the Pahoa Pool.
Volunteers were directed to a wall canvas, prepped by Keoni with grids and some initial artwork to guide the process. After being broken into teams, the amateur painters went to work. Side by side, with passion, the primary layers of the mural were knocked out in no time. Once dried, some minor touchups may be needed, but the mural looks fantastic so far.
Councilwoman Ashley Kierkawitz has spearheaded this initiative and explained how this mural is part of a larger project focused on rejuvenating Pahoa. According to many online sources, roughly 700 homes were destroyed during the 2018 Kilauea lava flows.
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Jack Johnson: Greening Event

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Jack Johnson “Meet the Moonlight Tour” benefit concert at the Waikiki Shell.
All volunteers who participated were given
A FREE Jack Johnson T-shirt  made of 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly inks (if you haven’t already, please read the inside label of your shirt :smiley:)
A FREE reusable water bottle
A FREE reusable bamboo utensil set and case
A FREE meal provided by Ke Nui Kitchen
A complementary hand tie-dyed bandanna
Here are some photos and highlights of the diversion and impressive impact we had on the thousands of attendees, our community, and the environment.
We were able to rescue over 1,000 pounds of food waste which we collected for composting at Full Circle Farms and over 400 pounds of food was donated to Aloha Harvest. By implementing the rCup program, final totals 720 gallons for Friday night and 832 gallons for Saturday night.
12,416 16 oz bottles total ! Very cool.
Additionally they have decided to make a generous unexpected donation of $500 to the Eco Rotary Club Of Kaka’ako!!!
They asked me to share how grateful they are for our volunteers exceptional giving of time and energy for this effort!
I hope Eco Rotary can continue to green our own events and educate and support others to also have a goal of zero waste. And I really enjoyed being the point of contact/champion for this project. Thank you again for your support!
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Aloha Harvest: Rescued Food

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Aloha Harvest is excellent; I had a canceled flight, and Nela drove down and picked it up within 30 minutes to repurpose it.
This is a prime example of the benefits of guest speakers at our weekly club meetings. I would have never known about this program if we didn't have Phil Acosta, the Executive Director of Aloha Harvest, as a guest speaker. We learned about unused food and the ability to feed those in need, food with a slightly lower quality being able to feed farm animals, and the lowest quality of food being able to be composted. All three of these options keep food out of our landfills, prolonging their lifespan, especially in Hawaii with limited space.
If your workplace has leftover, consumable food, reach out to one of many non-profit organizations that can use it to feed those who need it. Many companies throw away clean, untouched food which goes unused and fills our landfills.
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Big Island: Eradicating Invasive Ginger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Eradicating Invasive Ginger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
On Saturday, 16 July 2022, ten members of the Eco Rotary Club of Kaka'ako met up with fellow Rotarians from the Big Island of Hawaii for an invasive ginger service project.
The day started with sign-in, a safety briefing, and environmental precautions at Kilauea Military Camp (KMC), where many members took advantage of available cabins within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. To combat the fungal pathogen known as Rapid Ohia Death, all members brushed their footwear off and sprayed them down with isopropyl alcohol to ensure they wouldn't spread any pathogens into the rainforest that would be dangerous to Ohia trees.
Next, all members met at Devastation Trail for a short informational lesson on the area and were met by Park Ranger Kekoa Rosehill, who performed a traditional Hawaiian chant requesting permission to enter the rainforest before our service project. After Ranger Rosehill confirmed permission was granted to us, we moved on to the rainforest located near the Pu'u Pua'i Overlook.
Anxious, excited, and armed with gardening shears, volunteers hiked into the rainforest.
The plan for today's service project was for everyone to cut the ginger plants down low, exposing roughly 6-12 inches. Even the angle of the cut plays a vital role in adequately killing off the plants. Using what is affectionately called "Sunny Side Up" cuts exposes the cut toward the sky, which allows park volunteers to return later to apply herbicides to kill off the roots. All ginger plant cuttings were stacked near each cut-down root area to be used later as mulch.
Even with rain pouring down, an approximately 300 square meter area was cleared thanks to the volunteers.
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Hot meals with H.O.M.E Project

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Members of Eco Rotary Club, Honolulu Sunset Club and Ala Moana Club came together to collaborate a provide hot meals to people without homes staying at Keehi Lagoon. Around 60 meals were distributed.
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