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TBD Aug 23, 2018
Lori Volk, Founder & President Aug 30, 2018
Lori's Original Lemonade
Lori's Original Lemonade

Lori’s Original Lemonade produces a line of organic infused artisanal lemonades using lavender, ginger and lemongrass that started as a recipe for Lori’s kids’ lemonade stand 15 years ago. When she decided to commercialize the lemonades in 2012 to help pay for her kids’ college expenses after she lost her job, one of her packaging challenges was finding a label printer that met her high standards but didn’t have high minimum requirements.


Brenda Woodhouse, Co-Director EATM Sep 06, 2018
The Moorpark College Teaching Zoo
The Moorpark College Teaching Zoo

The Exotic Animal Training and Management (EATM) Program was established as a major at Moorpark College in 1974. Bill "Briz" Brisby, a Professor at Moorpark College, started the program with one animal - "Kiska", the wolf. As the animal collection grew, so did the program. New courses were developed and enrollment increased. The present animal collection, is maintained on a five-acre facility on the Moorpark College campus called  "America's Teaching Zoo".

Ashe Sobhe, Founder & CEO: R6S Sep 13, 2018
My Story

Dedicated to inspiring humanity, technology and developing marketing growth through artificial intelligence, Ash’s body of work spans over two decades which has earned him prestigious recognitions. He has been awarded a signed Certificate of Excellence in Programming by Bill Gates and he often made the Dean’s List while at California State University Northridge (CSUN). Growing up in a household that provided the foundation for working hard and following your dreams, he learned to push himself, cultivating tenacity and allowing it to be the force in his success. He earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Marketing with a focus on Information Systems and Information Technology from CSUN. While attending CSUN he also created his own business and became a millionaire by the age of 26.