Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks
April 11th Meeting/Bulletin



Patricia cheerfully opened the meeting saying "hello to My Rotary Family" "this is the best place to have lunch on a Thursday". Pres. Patricia said everyone should embrace the beautiful warm weather and continue to do good works and make a difference in our community and beyond.
Her trivia for the day:  1970-Apollo 13 launched, Eddie Amin fled Uganda in 1979, LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968.  It's Nat'l Pet Day, Nat'l 8 track tape day, and Nat'l cheese fondue day.
Karen Furnari was then asked to introduce guests.  But before the introductions, she asked Hugo Roche to stand up and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him for his 90th
Birthday.  Congratulations Hugo!!
Guests included:  Soon to be new member- Cherry Wang, Matt's wife-Teresa Lallo, Hugo's son-John Roche, and Jessica Sassalos.  Visiting Rotarians: from West Virginia-Carol Tarr, Past Presidents-Skip Roberts and Keith Parks
Inspirational Moment provided by Hugo Roche who reminisced about his childhood and his school days, recounting putting girls' pigtails in ink pots, and telling stories of his teachers.  Before leading the club in the Pledge, Hugo said when you see him with that cute little smirk of a smile on his isn't GAS, he is just reminiscing about his childhood.
Vicki Arndt then led the club in America the Beautiful
Pres. Patricia Jones opening the meeting 
Karen Furnari guest introductions 
Birthday Boy-Hugo Roche Inspirational Moment
Club sang HAPPY 90TH Birthday to Hugo Roche
Vicki Arndt- America the Beautiful.
Happy Birthday, Hugo!!!
Ken Warner encouraged everyone to donate blood on April 18th- It will be in the parking lot that day-he said do the right thing and it will Save a Life. Our blood drive this year is the day before Paul Harris' birthday so Ken is calling it the Paul Harris Memorial Blood Drive.
Jeff Borenstein said there is an upcoming off-site meeting on May 16th and he will be putting sign-up sheets on the tables soon.
Patricia gave Monica Murrietta her blue Badge!!!  Congrats Monica!!!
Ken Warner Blood Drive
Jeff Borenstein offsite meeting May 16th
Monica Murrieta gets BLUE BADGE
Susan Murata, introduced Cherry to the club. Patricia then formally inducted her into the club.  Cherry said she is honored to join the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks and looks forward to working together to create meaningful change in our community and beyond.
Susan Murata introduces Cherry
President Patricia performing induction ceremony
Warm Welcome to Cherry Wang
Carol Tarr said how happy she is to be an honorary member of this club while she visits here for several weeks before returning to West Virginia.  She said Patricia was the first person she sat with when she first came to our meetings, and she is enjoying her presidency.
Laura Conway is proud to be nominated by the Acorn for her Charity Karaoke fundraiser along with the Chili Cook Off.
Felix Masci lost his I-phone at the sport fields the other day and was grateful to Trevor Tyloch who walked around and tried to find it.  It was CRPD personnel that finally found it.
Jeff Borenstein said he is so happy that John Roche (Hugo's son) was able to be here today to hear such an incredible Inspirational Moment done by his father.
Martin Anderson was confused that Hugo said he dipped his classmate's hair in ink pots because the ballpoint pen was invented in 1888.... Just how old are you, Hugo??
Hugo Roche thanked everyone for singing Happy Birthday to him.  And said he didn't have money to put in the cup because he gave it all to Vicki for the Polio Plus Drive.
Paul Dryman thanked everyone for getting back to him on their needed supplies for the Chili Cook off.  He said it is a monumental task to get the job done and he is grateful to Henry for stepping in to help and to everyone for cooperating.
Vicki Arndt put in a happy dollar for Hugo 
Susan Murata reminded new members that she has our Yellow Rotary Work Vests and said they are $25 and Chris Steele will happily bill their Rotary accounts for the vests.
Carol Tarr happy to be here
Laura Conway-Acorn nominated Charity Karoke
Felix Masci grateful to Trevor & CRPD
Jeff Borenstein happy for John Roche
Martin Anderson "ink pots??"
Hugo Roche-thank you.
Paul Dryman-Supply Man
Vicki Arndt paid Hugo's Dollar
Susan Murata-I've got Rotary Vests
Theme- Get to know your Board of Directors. But it wasn't really a fine was more like Trivia.  Those that were asked to stand had to pay $10 -  Answers to the questions were people that were fined.
Who said the Best Job they ever had was working in an auto Junk Yard- Answer- Paul Dryman.
Who said their best job was working at the Ventura County Library?  Answer- Karen Furnari
Who said the riskiest thing they ever did was serving legal papers to the Russian Mob.  Answer- Paul Dryman
Who said their worst Rotary assignment/job was being told by Martin Anderson to stand 3 hours on parking duty at the Street Fair- Answer Vicki Arndt
Who said their worst Rotary assignment was getting vendors off the street by 6pm after the Street Fair?  Answer Patricia Jones.
Who told their elementary school teacher, "I don't Like you, You make Me sick?"  Answer- Vicki Arndt
Who Scaled the outside of a building in downtown Los Angeles- Answer Hugo Roche
Paul Dryman Fined 
Karen Furnari fined
Patricia Jones fined
Vicki Arndt-Fined
Hugo Roche-fined
SERVICE ABOVE SELF.....Things to do in our Community.....
April 18th Blood Drive - van will be at Rotary Meeting
April 19th-Westlake Women's Club Fashions on Parade-Hyatt Regency.  $110 per person 
May 11th-Interface-Love is Brewing -downtown Ventura tickets on sale on March 22nd 
May 19th -Laby Harmony Project Music Students-Fundraiser.  New West Symphony-  Click on link on the left for more info.
May 20th-Hospice of the Conejo Golf Tournament– Sponsorships and Golf foursomes available see Susan Murata or go to
June 2nd– Senior Concerns LOVE RUN
Volunteer opportunities available. - Click BUTTON on left for more information
June 8th-Cancer Support Community-Hope Walk– At CLU.  No registration Fee -Click on Hope Walk Button Below to register.
June 21-23 Master PRLS- Rotary Leadership Training - In Ventura,  3451 Foothill Rd Ventura  Register on District 5240 website. See Flyer on left...$200 of the $250 fee reimbursed to you by our club -ONLY FOUR AVAILABLE (see Chris Steele)
July 13th- Shakespeare Festival.  CLU More info to follow in coming weeks.
2nd Wednesday of every month-Via Zoom –Int’l Committee Mtg– contact Vicki Arndt for Zoom Instructions.
Blood Drive NEXT THURSDAY sign up now.
TODAY'S PROGRAM:  Herb Gooch introduced our Guest Speaker- David Marona who gave a State of the County 2023 talk.  Some highlights were:
Ventura County's population is aging.... Median age in 2000 was 34.2  now 38.7
Median Household income:  2016 $90,758  now $94,150
Agriculture is a TWO Billion dollar industry.
Ventura County Voter Registration:  43.7 Democrat, 28.1% Republican 28.2% Other
There are 1,064 Non Profits in Ventura County
Couples are having less children thus school registrations are declining.
2014 Grades K-8th had 97,059 enrollments now 81,247 and grades 9-12 in 2014 had 44,840 and now only 42,654.  And the trend is declining even more over the next decade.
Statistics show that people with a higher education make more money, so kids should definitely try to go to college.
Average rent in Ventura County $2,738.
A sad statistic is the number of phentanol deaths in Ventura County is increasing.
A good statistic is Ventura County is one of the safest counties in the country.
After his talk, Patricia presented him with a certificate for the trees that will be planted in his honor and a book for him to sign that will be donated to a title one school in his honor as well.
It Takes a Village to run our meetings.
Thank you to those who helped with today's program:
Club Administrator: Maria Prescott (who Patricia says she "could not do this without her").
Greeters: Jeff Borenstein
Guest Introductions: Karen Furnari
Inspirational Moment: Hugo Roche
Song: Vicki Arndt
Happy Dollars: Trevor Tyloch
Fine Session: Carol Freeman
Photos: Jonathan Handler
Note Taker/Bulletin: Susan Murata
Tech Support- Ean Kleiger, Trevor Tyloch
Sgt. At Arms: Hugo Roche, Jim Gilday, Jim Friedl, Steve Stanley, Felix Masci, Jason Corey, Eric Rubenfeld.
All things fiscal$$: Chris Steele & Jason Corey.
Patricia's Closing JOKE: In honor of the Eclipse  "Why did the sun go to therapy after the eclipse?  Because it felt overshadowed and needed 'light' counseling."
Next Week's Program April 18th:
Sue Engler's Daughter- Neyro biologist from Tulane Medical Center-   Dr. Liz "Engler" Chiurazzi
58-59 Don Odell
59-60 John Heywood
60-61 Marv Burrow
61-62 Ross Duskin
62-63 Roy Mc Comber
63-64 Paul Pace
64-65 John Conlon
65-66 Carlos Scuria
66-67 Merrill Darling
67-68 Phil Ozab
68-69 Wm Vanderwann
69-70 Alvin J Hotz, Jr.
70-71 Ben Cranmer Jr
71-72 Glenn Goodwin
72-73 George Vasliff
73-74 Henry Still
74-75 John Tuel
75-76 Kenneth Hanson
76-77 David Huang
77-78 William Haas
78-79 Felix Masci
79-80 Harland Jones
80-81 Dave Wender
81-82 George Gibb
82-83 Norman Nagel
83-84 Bill Peterson
84-85 Mike O'Bierne
85-86 Marv Sosna
86-87 Fred Ferrarni
87-88 Doc Needham
88-89 Kenneth Roberts
89-90 Jeff Borenstein
90-91 Dennis Gillette
91-92 Merv Kopp
92-93 Tom Glancy
93-94 Hugo Roche
94-95 Brian Beck
95-96 Tony Kourounis
96-97 Dick Wieler
98-99 Judy St. John
99-20 Mike Gonzales
00-01 Neil Scribner
01-02 Bob Biery
02-03 Harry Selvin
03-04 Rick Lemmo
04-05 Doug Tapking
05-06 Kathy Hill
06-07 Pete Turpel
07-08 Vicki Arndt
08-09 Martin Anderson
09-10 Keith Parks
10-11 Frank Corrigan
11-12 Richard Williams
12-13 Susan Murata
13-14 Carol Freeman
14-15 Nate Harimoto
15-16 Mike Murphy
16-17 Robert Bianchi
17-18 Tim Weaver
18-19 Karen Furnari
19-20 Herb Gooch
20-21 David Stowell
21-22 John Bradley
22-23 Paul Dryman  
2023-2024 Board
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Chili Cook Off: Sunday May 5th, All Day- See Marissa Buss
Wine Festival-Sunday August 25th 1-4pm- See Susan Murata.
Street Fair-Sunday October 20th-See Crystal Evans.
Our club in history...... Summer Club Picnic- 1980's  Gotta love those shorts!!
More Club History....... Wine Event 2003-outdoors at Gardens of the World.
Carol Freeman-Fine Master
Nate Harimoto says- Don't Bottle it Up!!
Sara Blatt says Don't Bottle it Up!!
Master PRLS Club will reimburse members $200 
Past President Herb Gooch introducing our guest Speaker today. 
Guest Speaker David Marona- State of the County 2023
Spring has Sprung
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