Troy Rotarians volunteered at two recent Forgotten Harvest projects:
On Thursday April 7, Troy Rotarians volunteered at  the Forgotten Harvest Oak Park Warehouse.  Volunteers were Jeanette Donnellon, Gail Lucas, Tessa Lucas, Jeanne Stein and Anna Albers. Along with volunteers from around the community Troy Rotarians packed 1,301 pounds of food for distribution to the  needy.
On a cold Saturday morning, April  9, Troy Rotarians gathered at the Church of the Nazarene in Madison Heights.  The Forgotten Harvest truck was already there when we arrived and had started unloading.  With instructions from members of the church Jacob and Mary, Rotarians Maryann Clark, Tim Clark, Michael Ball and Anna Albers along with other volunteers loaded up people's vehicles with fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, baked goods, canned goods and other useful items.  The truck was emptied and the recipients were very grateful. 
Thank you to all who Served to Change Lives.