November is the month that Rotarians around the globe celebrate the wonderful accomplishments that have happened through the work and generosity of Rotarians and others who contribute to the Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Foundation has been listed by Charity Navigator as one of the ten best run Foundations in the world.  Monies contributed are invested for three years and then distributions are made to fund service projects created by Rotary Clubs and Districts world-wide. 
Our club applied for a grant from the Foundation last year and received $1000 for a Solar Light project in India which was coordinated by our member Kala Majeti.  Kala formed a partnership with a Rotary club in India, and the project enabled young members of the community to learn to make Solar Lanterns to bring light to areas that only have electricity a few hours each day.  The project totaled $3000; two thirds of the project cost was raised by Kala and other Rotarians in our club and District.  The Rotary Foundation through the District Foundaton Committee granted the $1000 to complete the needed funds.
Two more projects have been developed for the current Rotary year - one in India and one in Zambia.  We are waiting to hear if our proposals have been accepted by the Foundation Committee.