PROGRAM/CLUB ASSEMBLY: Jason Huntley invited Chad Savage, M.D. to be Rotary’s luncheon speaker.  He spoke on “How to Increase Your Pay Without Needing a Raise”.
GUESTS:   Dr. Chad Savage, today’s speaker and Deb Drick from the Livingston County Humane Society.
District 6380 has announced that it will match dollar-for-dollar, up to $50,000, any donations from first time donors or from donors who exceed prior donations to Rotary International.  When donating, you will be able to designate where you wish the money to go.  If you don’t have a specific area you want the donation to be applied to, you may donate to the “annual fund”.  All annual fund donations result in 50% coming back to Brighton Rotary.
President’s Night is next week on Tuesday, June 28th at Mt. Brighton.  The surf and turf sit down dinner will start at 6:00 pm.  Cost for the dinner will be $20/person, which will go towards a 50/50 raffle.  For $20 you will receive three 50/50 raffle tickets.  As a special treat, there will be 218 assorted cupcakes for our consumption, thanks to Cathy Riesterer’s sister.  Because of President’s Night there will be NO luncheon meeting next Tuesday.
There will also be NO Rotary luncheon on July 5th due to the holiday.  After today, the next Rotary luncheon meeting will be on Tuesday, July 12th.
Rotary received a nice thank you note from Madeline Jones who received the 2016 “Service Above Self” student scholarship.  We also received a thank you note from Tracy Rapp after Rotary Raiders built a ramp at her house so that her mother could come to live with her.  Good job Rotary Raiders!!!  Finally, we received a certificate of appreciation from the March of Dimes for Brighton Rotary’s support.
Dirk Dewinkle has tickets to this year’s Le Concurs de Livingston.  It will be held on August 6th from 2:00pm – 6:00pm at Whispering Pines Golf Club, Pinckney.  Until June 30th, tickets are $40.  Starting July 1st tickets will increase to $50.
Nancy Johnson brought to our attention the polio article in the current Rotarian magazine. Once no new cases of polio are identified, it will take an additional three years of a polio free world to consider the disease eradicated.  We are very close!!  
Rotary Foundation board members will meet after today’s Rotary meeting.
Dash or Crash --   Volunteer assignments went out yesterday.  Course set up will be at Mt. Brighton this Friday, beginning at 3:00pm until 7:00pm.  Please bring your weed whackers.
Upcoming Events:
6/25/16                         Second Annual Mt. Brighton Dash or Crash
6/28/16                         President’s Night – Mt. Brighton – 6:00 pm
                                    NO LUNCH MEETING
7/5/16                           NO LUNCH MEETING
PROGRAM:  Chad Savage, M.D. went to Hartland schools before going to Case Western Reserve for undergraduate studies.  He then attended the University of Michigan School of Medicine, graduating in 2003.  Dr. Savage completed his medical residency at Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis.
He talked about the dissatisfaction of physicians with current medicine models, leaving some physicians to become burnt out.  As a result there has been an astronomical increase in physician suicides.
He wanted to get back to practicing medicine which is much more satisfying.  He practices a membership model, where his care is not dependent on insurance plans and restrictions.  Dr. Savage gave us an overview of the membership model.
Membership ModelPatients pay a monthly membership fee, which allows unlimited access to primary care physicians.  In a membership model there is less bureaucracy, more innovative and more patient centered.  In this innovative delivery system, there are discounted costs for x-rays and labs. The monthly membership fee includes all office visits, all in-office diagnostics and all-in office procedures.  Also, the patient can take advantage of virtual home visits (telemedicine), where the patient can connect with the physician electronically.    The membership model provides for in-house generic drugs, labs, and X-rays discounts.  He noted that the average primary care physician has almost 3,000 patients, while the direct care physician typically has about 1,000 patients.
Dr. Savage provided us with typical monthly membership fees.
Age                                                                  Cost Per Month
0-39 years                                                                     $39
40-59 years                                                                   $49
60-69 years                                                                   $59
70+ years                                                                     $69
Drawing:   Jeannie McMillan, Bill Anderson, and Tom Zizka were unable to find the Ace of Spades.
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