PROGRAM: Today’s program featured Leann Trierweiler-Krugh who owns Body Shaping by Leann, and Olga Reym who owns Bikram Yoga, both located in Brighton
PROGRAM: Today’s program featured Leann Trierweiler-Krugh who owns Body Shaping by Leann, and Olga Reym who owns Bikram Yoga, both located in Brighton
GUESTS: Chris Barry, Week 1; Cindy Mack, Week 2; Joe Regnier, Deborah Smola, and Addison Doyle, Week 1.
  • President Adrienne Knack says it is a good sign that the club is getting a large number of new-member proposals. She reminds sponsors to fully fill out the application form (yes, Scott, we are talking to you!)
  • Based on a quick poll conducted by Terry Gill, there will be sufficient membership to conduct regular meetings the Tuesday after Christmas, as well as Jan. 3, 2017.
  • Maribeth and Joe Regnier and Ed Bottum are making a visit to see George Kudla this afternoon.
  • Maribeth also had some of her dolls on display, which is just a small part of the exhibit that will be at the Brighton District Library starting Thursday through Jan. 6.
  • Jane McManus reminds all that the satellite club’s regular meeting is tonight at Main Crossing; cocktails at 5:30, meeting from 6-7.
  • While in Troy, Jane got a great chance for a one-on-one talk with Jennifer Jones, Rotary International VP.
  • Bill Gartley got a head count (more important, a griddle count) for pancakes for the exchange students, this Sunday at 7:30 a.m.
Leann Trierweiler-Krugh owns Body Shaping by Leann, a firm she founded as a personal trainer to help . attain a healthy lifestyle. She says people should focus on maintaining bone density, which is a challenge especially for those getting older. This can be done by weight training, but that doesn’t mean heavy weights. Smaller, light weights are just as effective with repetition and proper exercise that aims at getting the heart rate up to targets. Her goal for her customers is that they make a lifestyle for their life. She balances her workouts with ballroom dance and yoga. That’s why she was excited to see the opening of Bikram Yoga, which features hot yoga. Owned by Olga Reym, Bikram’s hot yoga classes take place in a temperature of 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity. Olga said that combination of heat and humidity produces the sweat necessary for healing, purging and detoxing. She and her instructors provide step by step training and focus on a standard set of positions, so customers proceed and perfect at their own pace. Beginning classes are offered daily. People can come every day if they wish; Olga says 10 times in 30 days is good for desired results.
Dec. 20 – George Moses will present a program about drone photography.
Dec. 27 – Melanie Moses will present a program on her trip to South Africa.
Jan. 3 – Bob Murray will introduce John O’Malley, the new president of St. Joseph health care operations in Livingston County.
Jan. 31 – Rich Perlberg will introduce Jayson Boyers, the president of Cleary University.
Missed by this much: Joe Bottum, Shane McKenzie and Jeff Toole failed to find the Ace of Spades.