PROGRAM/CLUB ASSEMBLY: Club Assembly was held today.
GUESTS:     Steve Monet and Rev. Yolanda Whiten were guests today.
Birthdays –  Donna Craig (November 19), Mike McManus (November 20) and Karen Gill (November 22) celebrate birthdays.
Wedding Anniversaries –   No wedding anniversaries this week.
Rotary Anniversaries -  No Rotary anniversaries this week.
TWO TRUTHS & A LIE:  Piet Lindhout and Scott Griffith presented this week.  
Piet Lindhout’s theme was “vomiting” (a great lunchtime topic.  Thanks Piet).
  1. He once threw up in an airplane flying from Denver to Aspen.
  2. He once threw up in another flying venture (I got sick after the first statement and didn’t catch this statement).
  3. He once threw up in Colorado Springs when coming home from a ski trip.  (This was the lie – his friend threw up on that trip).
Scott Griffith once:
  1.  Flew solo at the age of 16.  He also had a hand glider. (This was the lie – he has never been licensed to fly solo)
  2. He is the 5th generation in Livingston County.  He was born in Howell.
  3. He joined Rotary in 1981.
Next week Bill Gartley and April Dertian will present.
George and Melanie Moses are starring in the Nutcracker again this year.  Melanie has Nutcracker posters available to hang in your businesses.  If interested, see Melanie.
Tom Janego announced he will soon be available to devote his full energies to Rotary.  He is retiring on December 1, 2015.  Congratulations Tom!!!
A scholarship meeting will be held right after today’s Rotary meeting.
Mike and Jane McManus attended Ann Arbor Rotary’s November 11th Veterans Day event at Hill Auditorium.  Speakers included Viet Nam veteran and a Korean veteran who enlisted at the age of 17.  The Korean veteran was then captured and served three years in a North Korean prisoners’ camp from 1950 -1953.  Also speaking was a veteran nurse who served her country well.  She went on to serve on Air Force One.  An Iraq veteran also spoke about the horrors of war and recalled transporting his critically injured buddy on his back to get to a hospital. A 94 year old veteran spoke for 40 minutes about his service.  The last five minutes of his talk have been posted on the Internet.  A heartfelt thank you to all our service men and women for all they do and witnessed in keeping our freedoms!!!
Thanksgiving Dinners – Jeannie McMillan passed around a signup list.  At the present time only 75 families have signed up for turkey dinners.  Jeannie still needs people to help pack and deliver the dinners.  Also, if you volunteered to provide pumpkin pies, let her know how many pumpkin pies you intend to purchase.  Money is always accepted so the remaining pumpkin pies may be purchased.  Turkey dinner packing will start at 10:00 am on Wednesday, November 25th at Cleary University.  If you can assist, see Jeanne McMillan.
The Christmas party will be held from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm on Monday, December 7th at the Johnson Center. This year a cash bar will be available.   The last day to register for the Christmas party will be Dec. 2nd.   This year, non-Rotarians will be paying for their dinners.  Adult dinners will be $20 and children dinners will be $9.  Don’t forget to wear your ugly holiday sweaters to the party.
Crash and Dash Update – Piet Lindhout, Peggi Bourke and Rich Perlberg provided an update.  They have met three times already.  The second annual Crash or Dash will be held on June 25, 2016.  Two more obstacles will be added to the adult course.  Mike Bourke is in the process of updating the website and will send out email blasts to previous participants and others.  A Crash or Dash registration makes a great Christmas gift.  Another level of sponsorship for individual obstacles will be added next year.  Peggi Bourke announced she has already received a $10,000 sponsorship check from Dakota.  Piet asked for suggestions for new obstacle ideas for the adult and kid courses.  To provide for more family participation, start and finish lines will be closer together.  Also, one public address system will be used when race waves start.  They also want a more focused group at the end of course.   Race waves will start earlier next year, allowing for runners to finish by mid-afternoon. Rich Perlberg is encouraging more re-ups from sponsors from this year.  If you know who may like to be a sponsor (especially kids’ run sponsors), let Rich Perlberg know.  The goal for sponsorships next year is $43,000, up from $30,000 from this year.
If you always wanted to travel to India, now’s your chance.  Rotary International announced a polio inoculation / leisure trip to India.  Site visits include the Taj Mahal. 
There will be no Rotary lunch meetings on Dec. 8th and 29th.
Upcoming Events:
11/25/15                       Family Thanksgiving Dinner Prep and Delivery
12/1/15                         The Rotary Foundation Giving Tuesday
12/7/15                         Rotary Holiday Party
12/8/15                         NO ROTARY LUNCH MEETING
12/29/15                       NO ROTARY LUNCH MEETING
5/13-15/16                    Rotary District Conference, Chatham, Ontario
6/25/16                         Second Annual Mt. Brighton Dash or Crash
The following slate of officers and directors were presented and accepted today.
President Elect -  Terry Gill
Secretary – Lori Lalama
Treasurer – Donna Craig
Director – Carole Bullion-Mincy
Director – Reggie Osborn
Director – Rich Perlberg (assuming Donna Craig’s Director Term)
The slate will be voted on at a December meeting.
Donna Craig and Bob Murray discussed the responsibilities of Club Administration, which includes managing club member communication, promoting fellowship among club members and promoting the effective operations of the club, among other responsibilities.  Bob and Donna felt their job was made easier because members do step up and volunteer when needed.  They reminded members that when they are responsible for the program to advise their speakers of the time limitations (20-25 minute presentation) and presentations should not be used to fund raise or request donations.  They also solicited from members any ideas they may have to make the club more dynamic, keep members engaged in club activities, and any new initiatives and projects the club could be involved in. 
Mark Marker has some exciting ideas for new members (Rotarians of two years or less).  He will be in touch after Christmas about how to spend money ($5,000) and help the community.  Watch for his email.
50/50 Drawing:   The 50/50 drawing was turned into, draw a ticket and win.  Frank Mancuso was the winner today.
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