PROGRAM: Ron Biskup gave a presentation about Gift of Life, an organ donation registry where he volunteers, and the foundation that was set up in memory of his daughter who was a successful recipient of a heart transplant.
PROGRAM: Ron Biskup gave a presentation about Gift of Life, an organ donation registry where he volunteers, and the foundation that was set up in memory of his daughter who was a successful recipient of a heart transplant.
GUESTS:  Johnson Bakeshaba, a pastor from Uganda; Chris Barrs; Brighton High School students Katie Bishop and Tommy Hill, and teacher Arnella Park; Michelle Miller.
Birthdays – Dennis Whitney Oct. 2, Adrienne Knack Oct. 4, Mike Archinal Oct. 13, Rich Perlberg Oct. 18, Julie Smith Oct 19. Spouse birthdays – Kevin McConeghy Oct. 1, Joe Leuger Oct. 27, Paula Millis Oct. 30.
Anniversaries – Sharon and Tom Zizka, 5 years; Steven and Terri Balanger, 29 years; Larry and Sharon Pfeil, 52 years; Pam and Kevin McConeghy, 5 years; Stan and Jane Schafer, 28 years; Anne and Marty Belser, 53 years.
Club anniversaries – Dirk De Winkle, 1 year; Greg Gray, 7 years; Brian Parsons, 7 years; Terry Simpson, 1 year; Fred Bodnar, 2 years; Suzy Lewis, 2 years; Julia McBride, 2 years; Kim Welsh-Gemuend, 4 years; Peggi Bourke, 6 years; Bob Murray, 6 years, John Nagel, 8 years.
  • Donation checks to the Polio Plus campaign should be made out to the Rotary Club of Brighton with Polio Plus in the memo line.
  • Club sang a spirited Happy Birthday to President Adrienne.
  • Fall picnic is this Saturday at 3 p.m. at 1432 Xanadu. Bring lawn chair, dish to pass. There will be smoked pork and adult beverages provided. RSVPs needed. Email coming from President Adrienne this week.
  • Treasurer Donna Craig reminds members to pay the lunch tab for their guests.
  • Rich Perlberg is looking for someone to train as a back-up Spotlight editor. Beth Walker filled in for last two weeks, but since she handled responsibilities for 20 years, it would be great to give her a break in the future.
  • Sign-up list for Rotary Raider apparel; profits support Raider projects.
  • Beth Walker said that practice SAT tests drew 118 participants, netting 3,382 for scholarship fund. A 7th grader from Scranton won drawing for workshop scholarship.
  • Sad news: Gloria Winchel, long-time friend to many Rotarians and widow of Jim, passed away.
  • Ed Bottum encouraged people to learn more about Work Skills Corporation by taking the Friday morning tour this week.
  • Kim Coates will be locked up at Aubrey’s to raise money for MDA.
  • Mike and Jane McManus attended a moving and impressive Rotary leadership program in Cleveland. Particularly memorable was the man from India, stricken with polio as a child, who essentially crawled to the stage before standing to make his address. Jane’s training is preparing her for her district governor position in 1918-19.
  • Nancy Johnson noted that the Kansas Jayhawks are somehow leading the donation drive for Polio Plus. Michigan, OSU, MSU and others have containers that will be at the front table for the rest of the month.
  • Greg Gray notes that homecoming is this Friday, with the parade followed by Brighton’s gaforme with Hartland. Bulldogs are 5-1 and in drivers seat for division title and playoff spot. He also put in the word for the Bulldog Boutique, a non-profit second-hand store that has set up shop next to Hungry Howies and whose sales are donated for school projects.
  • High school students Katie Bishop and Tommy Hill told about the Pink Week projects their leadership class is organizing community-wide events to raise money to fight cancer at the St. Joe’s Cancer Center. Projects run Oct. 17-21 and include sponsorship opportunities, a survivor walk during the football game, downtown events on Thursday night and mor
Bill Markby introduced Ron Biskup, a Genoa Township resident who with his wife are Gift of Life volunteers, dedicated to raising money and awareness for life-saving organ transplants. Ron’s story is a personal one as his daughter, Lisa, was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening disease as a young child. It reached the point where a doctor told them that there was no more they could do, that they should take their child home and take good care of her. But then a needed heart became available for a heart transplant. He recalled the helicopter that hurried the heart from Kalamazoo to his daughter at U-M for a process that started at midnight. By 6 a.m. they learned her heart was out and her new heart had started beating without the need for a shock. She later was able to give her parent a thumbs up and, even though there were effect from anti-rejection medication, she made a great recovery. She went on to get a degree in public relations, get married and became an avid polka fan. She got sick in 2006 (while on a polka cruise) and passed away May 13, 2006. But the heart transplant gave her an extra 15 years of a very productive life. She, in fact, donated her liver and two corneas to recipients in Indianapolis, New Jersey and New York. Her parents have started a Foundation to raise money to send young transplant recipients to camps. Fittingly, the foundation uses a polka theme and its annual event has raised more than 250,000 dollars over ten years. The Foundation also strives to increase awareness of the importance of joining the organ donation registry. Currently in Michigan there are more than 3,000 people waiting for kidney, liver and heart transplant. He urges people to do two things: Register and support the foundation. Anyone of any age can be a potential organ donor, which is indicated on your driver’s license. All deaths are matched against the Gift of Life registry. There are no age or religious restrictions, but he thinks the lack of participation is because of a lack of awareness and the personal nature of donating organs. But he reminds us, “When you pass away, your organs to not need to go to heaven, because God doesn’t need them.”
Brian Donovan got the ace of diamonds which got his Absolutely Nothing. Mark Cook and Jerry Dunneback also missed the Ace of Spades.