Posted by Richard Perlberg on Jul 11, 2018
The first meeting of the new club year was a Club Assembly.
Rotary Spotlight, July 10, 2018
The first meeting of the new Rotary year welcome the club’s new officers: President Rich Perlberg; President-elect Michael Bourke; Treasurer Carol Bullion-Mincy; and Secretary April Dertian.
Past President Terry Gill presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Piet Lindhout who was unable to attend the President’s Night ceremony because he was doing mission work in Guatemala. Terry also gave the Rising Star award to Glenn Graber who, incidentally, is the club’s new Sergeant at Arms.
Bill Gartley gave an update about Interact, the Brighton High School club. Bill has been overseeing this group for 20 years. Piet Lindhout followed with an update about Rotary Raiders, including a fast-breaking project this week in Fowlerville, and reminding the club of the big Day of Caring event August 15. Jeannie McMillan updated the club on the Brighton Rotary Foundation, whose goal this year includes forming a stronger relationship and creating higher visibility with Brighton Rotary.
Peggi Bourke presented the club with a check for 44,100, which is the final net tally for the fourth and most successful Dash or Crash. That profit is from net proceeds of about 62,000, so there is a 70 percent profit margin, a great selling point to our valued sponsor-partners. The fund-raiser is one reason the club was able to make a 35,000 donation to the planned Bountiful Harvest building, which was announced at President’s Night.
President Rich informed the club that strong fund-raisers and frugal money management have provided the club with reserves of about 80,000. Beyond that, the Foundation has reserves beyond those restricted for scholarships and Bountiful Harvest. Board consensus is that this money should be distributed back to the community, rather than stored in bank accounts. At the July 24 club meeting, members will be asked to provide some direction on how the board should prioritize grants for this money.
Other points of note:
  • Bonnie Corrigan is in the hospital getting treatment for compound fractures in her lower spine. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Mike and Jane McManus represented the club at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.
  • Jane’s term has begun as District Governor. A Meet the Governor celebration is Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Lazy J Ranch in Milford.
  • Suzy Lewis invited club members to play in the second annual golf Outing that will assist Bountiful Harvest and Connected Kids get a permanent building. It’s Friday, Aug. 3, at Mt. Brighton.
  • Stan Schafer asked for volunteers for Saturday at Gleaners. There is also a need for another club member to be trained at the Gleaner’s checking-in computer.
Frank Mancuso has the July 17 speaker program.