PROGRAM: Bryce Goulah, founder of Fleece and Thank You, gave today’s presentation.
PROGRAM: Bryce Goulah, founder of Fleece and Thank You, gave today’s presentation.
  • Scott Phillips, Week 3.
  • Bill Anderson says March of Dimes walk at Kensington is Sunday.
  • Need volunteers for Gleaners.
  • Donna Scott circulated a thank you letter and packet for school supplies donated to the rain forest in the Amazon.
  • First 212 enter the Howell Theater for free to see movies June 21 and 22 for an Alzheimer’s Association event.
  • Fred Arthur invites all to a grand opening of his new quarters for 1-800-Water Damage of SE Michigan, 4-8 p.m. Thursday, May 11.
  • Mark Marker reminds all that Furstock is coming up at Rollerama for the Humane Society.
  • Mike Bourke says we are at 268 runners for Dash or Crash on May 20. He reminds all sponsors to use their registrations.
Bryce Goulah was a gifted hockey player but, as much as he enjoyed it, he found himself increasingly questioning his passion for the sport, which caused him to leave and return to the game frequently and, in his own words, he became arrogant and selfish, even to the point of turning down a full-ride hockey scholarship. He said he looked at others and didn’t know why they were happy.
That changed when he was reached by a speaker at a poorly attending 8 a.m. class at Oakland Hospital. That led him to witnessing the value of volunteers at Mott Children’s Hospital where he found young children whose outlook in life could be greatly improved by merely a fleece and a friend. Which is how he started his non-profit Fleece and Thank You. He finds that blankets are a great way to comfort kids who have been disconnected from friends. Each blanket comes with a video message from the donor, including well-known celebs such as MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo.
Through 26 hospital partnerships, Fleece and Thank You has delivered 15,000 blankets, with a goal of 25,000 a year.
Michelle Bouhana won a traditional 50-50, giving her winnings to Fleece and Thank You.