PROGRAM: Bill Anderson introduced State Rep. Lana Theis who gave a report of what’s happening in Lansing.
PROGRAM: Bill Anderson introduced State Rep. Lana Theis who gave a report of what’s happening in Lansing.
GUESTS: Aleia McDonald, ass’t district governor; state Rep. Lana Theis.
  • Mike McManus reported that Dennis Whitney is recovering in rehab from his heart surgery.
  • Sunset Club meets tonight at Bagger Dave’s.
  • Beth Walker reminded club that deadline for scholarship aps is tomorrow (Wednesday). Scholarship committee meets after Rotary April 18.
  • U-M Men’s Club concert is April 15.
  • Cathy Riesterer reports that representatives from 25 countries, including a Nobel Laureate, attended last weekend’s World Peace Conference in Ann Arbor. She said it was an amazing event that taught people who to become peace activities…how to bring people together to achieve peace.
  • Piet Lindhout needs club members to sign up to build obstacles the first two Tuesdays in May and on May 19, the day before Dash or Crash at Mt. Brighton.
  • Rotary Raiders was named a recipient of the 2016 Corporate Excellence award from Livingston County United Way.
  • Karen Gill urged club members to supply items for the Dash or Crash goodie bags…up to 110 pieces.
  • Aleia McDonald, assistant district governor, reported that last weekend’s Million Dollar Dinner exceeded its goal and raised 1.2 million; that’s good news for future availability of grant money. To be eligible for grant, club needs at least two members to attend training in Troy on April 22.
  • The District Conference is May 4-7 at Mackinac Island. Rotary International Conference this summer is in Atlanta.
  • Aleia also awarded an Unsung Hero award to Tom Zizka.
State Rep. Lana Theis assured us the “we are getting along better than in D.C.” The second-term state rep from Brighton Township represents a district made up of Brighton, Genoa, Green Oak, Hamburg and Putnam townships and Brighton City. She is chai of the insurance committee and vice chair of the judiciary committee, among her committee assignments.
In Lansing, some of the current topics are criminal justice reform, responding to whatever changes are made to the Affordable Care Act and dealing with no-fault insurance reform.
She said it is unclear what the federal government will do about ACA, but that it will impact the state at its citizens. The ACA was built not to be able to be unwound. She said CEOs who get elected to executive office positions…such as Gov. Snyder and President Trump....are not used to the democratic system. It’s inefficient, she said, but it was intentionally built that way; there is supposed to be discussion.
She encouraged people to go to the website to track bills.
Beth Walker will president Brighton Police Chief Rob Bradford.