PROGRAM: Scott Spitler introduced Matt Langdon who talked about the Hero Roundtable which, for the second year in a row, will be in Brighton next October.
PROGRAM: Scott Spitler introduced Matt Langdon who talked about the Hero Roundtable which, for the second year in a row, will be in Brighton next October.
GUESTS: Ann and Tia, wonder daughters of Rachele Evers; Karen Swieczkowski; Matt Langdon (speaker).
  • Two club members were honored last week at the annual meeting of the Livingston County United Way. Piet Lindhout accepted the award for state business of the year on behalf of Lindhout Associates; Nancy Johnson was awarded the prestigious Don Epley lifetime achievement award.
  • Rotary members are needed at Gleaners Saturday from 9 to noon.
  • Peace Conference in Ann Arbor this weekend, as well as the million-dollar dinner.
  • Sunset Club meets tonight at 5:30 at Microworks; features are Rotary International videos and wine.
  • Beth Walker announced that scholarship committee will meet April 18 after Rotary meeting to review scholarship applications. Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday.
  • Beth also reports that ACT practice test is April 22, with early registration deadline April 10.
  • Beth notes that Kroger cards that return a share of purchase to Rotary do not have to be renewed annually.
  • April Dertian announced that Clays for a Cause, a fundraiser for the Salvation Army, is at the Fenton Lakes Sportsman Club on June 3.
  • Mancy Johnson gave a shout out to Mike McManus for the great photos he took for last week’s Brighton Women’s History Role of Honor.
  • Mary Beth Regnier said that she, Beth Walker and Kim Regnier were going next door after the meeting to the Brighton Police Department to hug a cop as part of Rotary’s unofficial Law Enforcement Appreciation day.
  • Mike Bourke noted that Jim Barnas has registered 10 runners for Dash or Crash. He urged club members who are sponsors for the event to sign up their free runners.
The opposite of a hero isn’t a villain, says Matt Langdon, but a bystander. Langdon is a Hero Trainer and talked to the club about the Hero Roundtable that will be held in Brighton in October. This is the fifth year for the Hero’s Roundtable in Michigan, and the second year in Brighton. The two-day event includes a number of 12-minute Ted Talk-like talks from a variety of heroes. The format also includes much time to interact with heroes. The speakers and those in attendance have widely varied backgrounds; there could be a 12-year-old child sitting next to a Holocaust survivor.
Tickets for the event cost about 100 dollars. Details as to cost and location will be available in early summer. Check out for status updates.
State Representative Lana Theis
A proposed bylaw amendment was passed by a 31-13 vote, meeting the requirement of at least a two-thirds majority of a meeting quorum. The amendment removes from the bylaw the requirement that specific board officers – president-elect, treasurer, and secretary – had to have served on the board for at least two years, or have been an officer in the past. With the amendment, such officers need be a member of the club in good standing. Presidents are still required to serve first as president-elect. Following the by-law vote, the following slate was approved for 2017-2018: Rich Perlberg, president-elect; Lori Lalama, secretary; Michael Bourke, treasurer; Suzy Lewis, Jeff Hardesty and Brian Donovan, trustees. Terry Gill, per bylaws, will move from president-elect to president.
Mark Cook, Ed Bottum and Rich Perlberg all failed to find the Ace of Spades.