PROGRAM: Jim Darga described the ground-breaking Cyber Security Institute, which is based in Pinckney High School.
PROGRAM: Jim Darga described the ground-breaking Cyber Security Institute, which is based in Pinckney High School.
GUESTS: Lindsay Kovacs; Evan Nelson
  • Terry Gill attended PETS last week in Kalamazoo. Only 3 new polio cases worldwide this year. Reported that Jane McManus got a standing ovation for her speech at PETS.
  • Evan Nelson is one of eight Brighton High School students going to Anaheim to compete in national DECA competition. Rotary passed the hat and raised 300 bucks to help team make trip.
  • Nancy Johnson reported there is one more week in the Rotary magazine reading contest; only 12 have participated, which may not be enough to trigger the anonymous 500 dollar pledge for the scholarship fund.
  • Cindy Mack let the club know that the Friends of the Library spring book sale is April 4-9.
  • While at PETS, Jane McManus ran into Michael Southgate, a former Brighton Rotarian from long ago who is now active in the Frankenmuth club.
  • Piet Lindhout says that Dash or Crash will be adding three new main course obstacles and tow more for the Kids Run. Build days will be the first two Tuesdays in May at Mt. Brighton.
  • Mike Bourke says there are only 25 registered online to volunteer for Dash or Crash, and only about half of them are Brighton Rotarians.
After a career that included more than 20 years as the Pinckney High School principal, Jim Darga took over the reins of the newly-created Cyber Security Institute, one of the few such hubs in Michigan. Located in Pinckney High School, the hub is a training center for the growing and critical need of cyber security. The hazards of identity theft and the need for cyber security can be illustrated by the fact that the State of Michigan endures 650,000 cyber security attacks every day. From a national security standpoint, the threat is so grave that there is consideration of making cyber security a standalone military division, equivalent to the Army, Navy, Air Force Marines and Coast Guard.
The Pinckney hub offers 20 different Department of Defense approved courses. Training is available not only for high school students, but also for area residents and businesses. CNBC News will be featuring the site in a program that will air at the end of April.
Michael Griffith, Rich Perlberg and Jane McManus all failed to find the Ace of Spades.