What is the Mentorship Program?
This Mentorship Program is a pilot project developed as a valuable investment in our youth and young adults. 
As Rotarians, we are a network of people from diverse backgrounds and vocations. We are well connected, we are the “original social network.”
Below are just some of the many outcomes that will come out of this program:
  • Develop relationships with youth, young adults and early working professionals in the community
  • Opportunity for mentees and mentors to acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Provide an opportunity for mentees to learn about Rotary
  • Mentees can receive advice to help evaluate career goals through a career action plan
  • Acquire networking skills and develop one's network
How Does the Program Work

The Mentorship Program will run between October 2021 to May 2022.
  • Mentorship Launch Day – October 2021
  • Monthly one-hour, one-on-one mentoring conversations between the mentor and mentee at minimum
  • Mentorship Celebration Day – May 2021
Become a Mentor 
Application are closed! 
Become a Mentee
Applications are open! Check out the Mentor Profiles Page to view mentors and apply.