Posted on Nov 19, 2017
Rotary in Action - Income-Generating Skills to Women Post Earthquake
This is the second project Meadowvale sponsored for Earthquake relief in Nepal since 2015. It received contributions from the Government of Canada, D7080 (DDF), TRF World Fund, and RC Montreal, Burlington Lakeshore, Patan, Mississauga Meadowvale, Branchburg Township (USA), and D7510 (USA), totaling $42,263 USD.
The first group of 40 women started sewing skill training; making them more self-reliant by contributing to family income, rebuilding the community and overcoming the devastating earthquakes of 2015. This training is part of a Rotary Global Grant Project GG1746726 hosted by the Rotary Club of Patan with financial support from the RC Mississauga-Meadowvale, RC Burlington Lakeshore, RC Montreal and District 7080 in Canada; RC Branchburg Township and District 7510 in the USA; RC Patan; the Government of Canada and the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.