Burlington Lakeshore Rotary has been supporting children (majority girls) in Kenya finish high school education through a scholarship program. For $1000/year/student a girl can complete her education. Currently RCBL supports 16 students, 4 in each year of high school. Since 2008, 47 students have had a chance to go to high school.
There are currently 16 students in the program (4 per year, 4 years).  Once we commit to assisting a child, we help them through all 4 years of high school.
Rusinga Island - Eastern part of Lake Victoria
Most residents of Rusinga make their living from subsistence agriculture (maize and millet), as well as fishing. The local language is Luo, although the ancestors of the current inhabitants were Suba people who came in boats several hundred years ago from Uganda as refugees from a dynastic war. 
This year's scholarship winners: Cecil Magolo, Scholarstica Odhiambo, Carol Oguta, and Winnie Gagra.
So far, we helped 47 students go to high school.
-30 of the remaining 31 graduated from high school.
-4 have graduated from university or college
-17 are presently attending university or college
-5 are waiting to hear about acceptance into university or college
-3 are working at better jobs than they would have had without graduating high school
-1 started college but had to stop due to finances.
This program has been a tremendous success! Thanks to all who started the program, and currently run the program! Biggest thanks goes to all Rotarians who have helped raised funds to ensure that the International Committee can continue this program.
Want to help? For $1000/yr for 4 years your club can help us keep more girls in school. In past, a high school in the US joined to help 3 girls finish their education. Contact Anand Sinha.