PNW Passport Club Meeting Notes
July 14, 2018 – Skagit Casino Hotel
Note: photos of the meeting have been posted to the Pacific Northwest Passport Rotary Facebook page:
President Tim Villhauer called the meeting to order.  Everyone present (21) introduced themselves. 
Tim asked Lindagene Coyle and Sean Hogan to speak about their experiences at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto at the end of June.  Both enjoyed the Convention - great speakers, lot of youthful presenters; celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Rotaract (ages 18-30) and 30th Anniversary of women in Rotary.  The House of Friendship was very active and a great opportunity to meet people.
Lindagene encouraged people to attend the next two Conventions - 2019 in Hamburg, Germany and 2020 in Honolulu Hawaii.
Tim then canvassed members on our meeting dates and times.  We presently meet once per month usually on a Saturday afternoon as decided by the members at an earlier meeting.  Tim asked if people would be interested in a second meeting each month - perhaps on a weekday evening - to give an opportunity for members to meet if they can’t make Saturday meetings.
People agreed that alternating venues between WA and BC (“flip flop” became the term of reference).
Jim Smart liked the Skagit Casino venue.  Tim agreed but noted that there was a cost and the preference is to keep the cost low and the meetings fun.
Joy St John suggested to have consistency for meeting location and time.  Kim Isaac preferred variety to increase the opportunity for people to make the meeting.
Lindagene noted that we are members of a District wide club.  Tim noted that one of the benefits of changing locations is that it gives us the opportunity to connect with different local clubs.  Pete Kremen said it would be nice to have different locations but there is a benefit to securing a location or locations - some home bases on each side of the border - with occasional visits to other areas. 
Lindagene noted that the Rotary Fieldhouse in South Surrey is our “official” meeting place.  Sean suggested adding an item to the survey for people to suggest locations. Allen Stockbridge noted that we might want to look for locations that offer food/beverage.
Tim advised that President Elect Deb Wiggs would be sending out a survey to members for their feedback. 
Governor Linda Murray was welcomed to the meeting and introduced by Immediate Past District Governor (and PNW Passport Rotary member), Lindagene.
Governor Linda welcomed five of the seven new members who were able to attend the meeting: Robin Reinig, Dave Boulton, Grace Kreykenbohm, Allen Stockbridge and Pete Kremen (Trudy Gallant and Celeste Mergens were unable to attend).   Each of the new members introduced themselves and gave some of their background.  Each have been member of Rotary before and enjoy giving back - service has always been part of their life but the weekly meeting commitments became a challenge.
Governor Linda inducted the new members and each received a membership package including a certificate of membership, the Four Way Test, Objects of Rotary, traditional and new format pins and more.  All of the members present came over to shake hands and welcome the newest members of the Passport Club.
Linda then introduced and swore in the 2018-19 Passport Rotary Club Board members: President Tim Villhauer, Treasurer Jim Smart, Engagement Chair Pati Villhauer, Service Chair Julie Johansen.  President Elect Deb Wiggs was unable to attend.  We have an opening for Club Secretary.
Tim noted the service project next week working with the Port Moody Rib Fest and our next meeting  will be on August 17 as part of and following Golfun.  The meeting will be a backyard BBQ  September 15 on Saturday afternoon at Beverlee Rasmussen’s home in Langley, BC.
Allen made an announcement that he has submitted a nomination for Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee through another Nobel winning organization that he belongs to.  He prepared a 34 page proposal and has the support of Rotary.  He sent a proposal last year and will continue to do so if it is not accepted this year.
Tim noted that Deb Wiggs is looking into a fundraiser with gift cards where part proceeds would come back to the club.  She has connections in the US but is looking for assistance with a similar organization on the Canadian side.
There was a discussion about participating in District and Global Grants.  We are not eligible this year since (as a new club) we didn’t have the President Elect attend the seminar. But President-Elect Deb and another will attend in this Rotary year.
Allen asked about club logo wear.  Nav Sangha is looking into this.
Julie Johansen asked people to go into ClubRunner and update their profile and add their picture and other information.
The formal part of the meeting ended with the recital of the Four Way Test.
Marietta Ostberg then reviewed the Rotary App with the members (see

         Members welcoming new members to the PNW Passport Rotary club