In 2014 I reluctantly decided to leave the Whatcom North Rotary Club after 17 years because of the customary "I'd like to cut back of some of my commitments" mentality.  However, after about three years of retirement from my day job I began finally finding myself with quite a bit of free time. 

I started traveling and the world with my wife, Fidela and enjoying six months annually wintering at our second home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  But for some reason...I began to feel a little empty.  It was great seeing the world and sitting around the pool soaking up sun and watching the waves of the Pacific, but I eventually missed the rewarding feeling I received from helping others and making our community a better place. 

I also missed the sense of belonging to a group of individuals that exists for the greater good, both locally and globally.

I wanted to rekindle the cherished friendships and fun social perks I had always savored as a Rotarian.  So when I heard about the newly created PNW Passport Rotary Club last year it seemed like a perfect fit for me. 

The fact that there's an accommodating meeting schedule and the formation of a more encompassing region, including communities on both sides of the U.S./Canadian border is an additional bonus.     

After being a PNW Passport Rotary member for just over a year now, I'm becoming more involved in our club's activities and looking forward to the gratifying feeling I derive from service to beneficial and laudable endeavors. 

Additionally, because I'm a member of Rotary International once again, I'm now able to attend meetings and forge new friendships with Rotarians in Washington State, British Columbia, Puerto Vallarta and an abundance of cities all over the world


Pete Kremen

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