Contact: Sean Hogan
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October 24 will be the 6th Annual World Polio Day where we celebrate our successes and re-commit ourselve to the final eradication of polio.

We encourage members to promote the event, to personally contribute to ending polio and encourage others to follow your example.

There will be a live streaming of the World Polio Day celebrations from the College of Physicians in Philadelphia, PA.  For more information, click to visit

Consider making your polio donation by a pledge to Arlington Rotarian Lee Harman's fundraising trek from Peking to Paris in Miss Vicki - a 1931 Ford Victoria.   CLICK HERE  to read more about this amazing journey.

As of October 6, there have been only 19 cases of wild polio - 15 in Pakistan and 4 in Afghanistan.  Support us as we continue the Countdown to History!