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Rotary World Help is an organization of Rotary Clubs which ships computers, books, educational, medical, and other goods in 40 foot containers to wherever they are needed around the world.  PNW Passport Rotary joined as a member of Rotary World Help in July 2019.

Dan Gallant is a board member of Rotary World Help (and member of Port Moody Rotary) and will often be seen driving the RWH truck to collect goods from hospitals, schools, businesses and others for shipment to other countries.

Rotary World Help began in 1992, when local Rotarians visited the Ukraine to help establish the first Rotary club in that country. On witnessing the deplorable state of medical facilities, Rotarians decided to send a container of items to help those in need.

Since then, Rotary World Help has expanded to 40 Rotary clubs and has now sent shipments to 57 countries.  A conservative estimate puts the value of these goods at over 100 million dollars and benefiting almost 9 million people.

Rotary World Help is an all volunteer registered non-profit society with no payroll and extremely low administration expenses. It gathers, sorts, records, and ships goods in containers.  Those containers include medical, dental, optical, educational, sports and disaster relief goods.

Rotary clubs become a member of Rotary World Help with an annual fee of only $10.

A member club can sponsor all or part of a shipment of a 40’ container to a partnering Rotary club in another country at a cost of only $1,500 to cover the shipping costs plus a contribution to Rotary World Help. The fee covers administration costs, warehousing, pick-up and operation costs of the truck to gather the goods being shipped.

Sometimes a single club will sponsor a container and at other times two or more clubs will come together to share the
 cost.  But whatever the cost, the impact these donated resources have at their destination is priceless.