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Please use this copy of the newsletter for your reference.  I made some significant date errors. 
  • Our next meeting is at 07h00 (7 AM) on 11 October 2018. 
  • The meeting at Jessie's is the week of October14th. We will meet on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at noon
  • A driver is needed for the  Friendship Exchange Team on Friday, 19 October 2018.
My thanks to Jim Damren, Bruce Pacht and Ron Bedell for pointing out my errors.  Marilyn  
Our Next Meeting
October 11, 2018 at 7AM
Robert Azzi — The program is entitled "Ask a Muslim Anything"  Robert Azz is a photojournalist and writer.  He will discuss and welcomes questions on Islam the geopolitics of the Middle East. This should be an interesting and informative program, please consider bringing a guest to this meeting.
Plan Ahead...Again, Please Bring a Colleague
Wednesday, 17 October 2018 
NOTE/REMINDER change in meeting day and location.  It will be a joint meeting with Hanover at Jessie.(your dues will cover the cost of the meal).  The speakers will be Friendship Exchange Team from England.
October 25, 2018 - World Polio Day.  Showing the Documentary "The Final Inch". The Final Inch is a short documentary about the effort to eradicate polio. It was directed byIrene Taylor Brodsky.  The film focuses on health workers on the front lines of the fight to eliminate the disease.[It was filmed on location in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.  It received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject at the 81st Academy award.  
November 1, The speaker will be Rob Gurwitt whose company is Story Kitchen Creative, a spinoff from DailyUV.  Rob and a co-worker would talk about the power of good storytelling for businesses and organizations.  It’s a new-ish slant on marketing.
November 8,  Addiction Recovery District Grant Update, Speaker Betsy Coble Come hear an update about the status of our District Grant supporting the education of recovery coaches.
Club Information
Service Above Self
1st and 3rd of every month on Thursday at 12 Noon; 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7 AM
Harvest Hill (behind Alice Peck Day Hospital)
10 Alice Peck Day Drive (Dwinell Room)
Lebanon, NH  03766
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District Governor Larry Vars
Our program today was District Governor Larry Vars, a member of the Rotary Club of Lancaster, NH, USA.
[Your newsletter editor wants to thank the newsletter of the Rotary Club of Barre who wrote a detailed article about the message Larry is bringing to the Clubs in District 7850.] 
Their editor wrote,
"Larry Vars was selected to be the District Governor three years ago.
Our District has forty-one clubs and spans from the upper half of Vermont and New Hampshire up through Quebec.
He has been a member of the Lancaster Rotary Club for over 27 years.His first project in Rotary was shoveling out horse stalls after a horse show. He joined anyways.”
He grew up in Connecticut, near Fishers Island Sound and his first service organization was with the Coast Guard Auxiliary whose focus was supporting the US Coast Guard. They did vessel examination, safe boating courses, and patrols.
He went on to account: “One weekend, while on patrol in Fishers Island Sound, a call came in to the CG Station about debris in a channel off Block Island Sound. We were sent to remove the large item from the channel. We found it, it was floating about 4” exposed above the water and about 20” wide metal can. We tied onto it and started pulling it. As we gained speed, the can began to ride on the surface of the water. It was over 15’ long. From what we were told, it was a practice torpedo. Many 25 + foot pleasure crafts use this channel and could have hit this torpedo, which was about 4” of it was visible. It was turned over to a 41 foot CG vessel for disposal. If someone had hit that torpedo, they would have sunk. Who knows if anyone would have been injured? What we did made a difference.” 
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With that anecdote, Larry developed a theme of what he and we have done in Rotary makes a difference. He pointed out the following;
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award: Enrolling an incoming high school junior in a leadership program when they are headed into a life-determining portion of their life. This program helps them look at goals and understand what is needed to achieve these goals. They process situations to determine the best way to solve problems. They have fun doing it.
  • Youth Exchange: Combat the national news with a prolonged stay in a foreign country. Other youth get to see that Americans have the same issues as in their home country and American youth get to see what they take for granted.
  • Speech Contest: Gets youth to think about and repeat to themselves the four-way test and how it relates to their passion. In addition, they get to participate in a contest that has a financial gain to encourage them to do their best.
  • Interact, Rotaract, Earlyact: They get the opportunity to serve others.  They plan fund raisers, a local project and an international project. Service above Self.
“How about your Club: What projects have you physically done. River cleanups? Community projects? They make a difference in your community, making it a cleaner more inviting place to live and work. Maybe you have physically helped a neighbor. Many clubs have partnered with other organizations to help them make a difference in their focus. This is all about Service above Self.”
Larry reported that Rotary International surveyed members and the top two reasons for joining are the opportunity to perform service projects and networking. Doing projects will meet both of these reasons for joining.
He informed us that he had added a list of in-meeting projects on the District website, under “Membership” to share ideas of what other clubs are doing. He encouraged us to apply for a District Grant to help fund a community project which we did and received for the mural project.
He referred us to a pull display which showed the focus of the grants funded by The Rotary Foundation:
  • The lower level is base needs. Included are: disease prevention, clean water and sanitation and maternal and child health. Clubs in our District have supported many projects at this level. Without these basic human needs being fulfilled, literacy and community are not attainable. When you are sick and do not feel well, you do not reach out to improve yourself or others.
  • The second level is focused on literacy and community development. Many local projects are based on this second level of need. Building the mind with aspirations of what is possible, supporting communities where small businesses can thrive, making a place where you can be proud to call home are all based on a literate culture and a sense of security.
  • The top level is peace and conflict resolution. We support post graduate studies for individuals to be experts in this field. There is a need for mastering this focus. Meeting base needs will help reduce conflicts.
He illustrated these foci with anecdotes and statistics and asked us:
  • “Are you a club of people who see a problem, evaluate it, and then take action?
  • Is your club a People of Action?
  • As Rotarians, we should contribute one of the “Three “T”s”: your Time, your Talent and your Treasury.
  • This is how networking is done.”
He encouraged us to: “Engage your club in the passions of your club members. Have back-up a plan in case your speaker has to cancel at the last minute. What does that involve? YouTube has many interesting subjects, like Ted Talks. I encourage your leadership and members to think how to make your meetings a value to all. I have added a list of in-meeting projects that can be done in 20 to 30 minutes. I would love to hear other types of projects that can be done in your meeting. Make it Fun.”
In conclusion, Larry mused: “As I pondered my theme for this year, I focused on passions. We all have passions, whether for helping the youth to become good citizens, making our communities a better, more vibrant place to live, or giving a helping hand to those who were not born with the same privileges as we are (clean water, health care, immunizations). I hope to encourage you to ‘Ignite your Passions,’ make a difference locally and internationally. As RI President said, ‘together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.’ Be the Inspiration.”

“Thank you for all you are doing as Rotarians.”
***End Synopsis from the Rotary Club of Barre, VT Newsletter (Thanks)***
After his presentation, District Governor Vars asked member to share their passions:
Sue Donnelly - Rotary Youth Leadership Award Conference 
Joy Gobin - Interact
Marilyn Bedell - The Rotary Foundation
Ron Bedell - Fund development of the Rotary Foundation
Bill Secords - Rotary Foundation Grants
Bruce Pacht, Tim Gauraldi and Phil Renz - Polio, and the Great American Pie Buffet
Bruce Bergeron - Community Service and our fund raiserers, Golf and the Brew Fest.
Paul Tierney - his appreciations for what our members do for the club big or small.
District Governor Larry Vars and President Michelle Buck
The book we are giving the the Children's Collection at the Kilton Library in honor of  DG Larry is The Whale
Rotarian Paul Asgeirsson from Iceland
Board Meeting for October changed to 23 October 2018 at 5:30, Whitman Office Building.  
The British are coming; the British are coming!!
NOTE/REMINDER change in meeting day the week of October 14th.  It will be a Joint Meeting Lebanon and Hanover at Jessie on Wednesday 17 October 2018. (No additional charger for lunch).  The speakers will be Friendship Exchange Team from England!
If you are coming to the meeting, and haven't signed up at our meeting or via the doodle poll, let Steve Whitman know.  Jessie's need a head count. !
Additional Friendship Exchange News - ONE MORE DRIVER IS NEEDED FOR FRIDAY, October 19, 2018...all day ending with a potluck dinner at Steve Whitman's home.  Can you help?
October 6:  Drive team members from Lebanon to Bradford Vermont (Afternoon)
October 16:  Drive to Rochester, VT to pick up the team, take them to lunch then stop at Joseph Smith Memorial and deliver team members to host families (morning and afternoon)
October 17: Drive to Woodstock, Bridgewater - tour Rockefeller Mansion, ShackletonThomas in Bridgewater, and lunch at Red Rooster in Woodstock (Morning and Afternoon)
October 18: Drive to Canterbury - tour Canterbury Shaker Village (Morning and afternoon)
From Evan Leary:
Listen Holiday Basket Helpers
Angela Nelson announced that our meeting on December 6th will be to help organize and sort through the various holiday baskets for families in need.  Our meal will be a potluck lunch.  Note: we will be adopting two families.  We will be asked to by presents for the families.  Stay tuned for more details about this service project meeting.
Happy Dollars
Hank spent two weeks in Nova Scotia.  If you have plans to go, Hank has thoughts about sites you should make an effort to see.  Dartmouth Football is starting strong.  He and Carol are once again ticket takers at the field.
Laura Zentmaier is happy to be be back after 5 weeks away. She traveled to the US Open, NJ, CT, TX and NV (Where she won some money at the casinos in Las Vegas!)
Sue Donnelly is happy about having Larry and Joan Vars at the meeting today.
Jim Damren shared that today is his wife's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Lisa.  He let us know that his son Nate is in Burlington playing hockey so the are now empty nesters.
Joy Gobin congratulated Rob Taylor on a very successful Chamber event.
Paul Asgeirsson - Our visitor from Iceland let us know that Rotary was one of his first stops during his trip to the United States.  We were happy he decided to join us today.
Steve Whitman is really hoping that someone will make him happy by offering to drive members of our Friendship Exchange Team on Friday, October 12th.
Marilyn Bedell pulled the 10 of Hearts as the hunt for the queen of hearts continues.
 Rick Dyment won the car wash.
News From Rotary International

How to watch Rotary’s World Polio Day event

Image result for world polio day 2018

You don’t have to travel to Philadelphia to take part in Rotary’s World Polio Day event on 24 October. You can watch a livestream of the proceedings from your computer or smartphone starting at 18:30 Philadelphia time (UTC-4). A recording will be available shortly after the event on

Rotary will also stream the event in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

This year’s event will be livestreamed from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, known as the birthplace of American medicine. It is one of the oldest professional medical organizations in the United States.

Global health experts and Rotary’s celebrity polio ambassadors will discuss our remarkable progress toward a polio-free world. Patience Asiimwe, the protagonist of Rotary’s upcoming virtual reality film “Two Drops of Patience,” will introduce the movie. A sneak peek from Rotary’s documentary “Drop to Zero” will also be featured. Jeffrey Kluger, senior editor for Time magazine, will discuss his experience traveling to Nigeria with Rotary to report on polio eradication. And we’ll celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

How to watch the event live

On your computer on the day of the event

  • In Google Chrome, go to KUDO and complete the form, then click Submit.
  • On the next page, click Floor and select your language from the list.

On your smartphone

  • Download the KUDO app at the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android).
  • Go to KUDO and tap Open in Kudo App.
  • Complete the form, then tap Join.
  • On the next screen, tap Floor and select your language from the list.

Need help?

Contact (in English). 

For more information, check out these step-by-step instructions with screenshots (PDFPowerPoint).

Image result for world polio day 2018


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