Robert Azzi
Our Speaker this morning was photojournalist, columnist, public speaker, and education consultant, Robert Azzi.  We had an open dialogue about Islam.  Azzi encouraged us to ask any questions we might have about Islam.  Questions were asked about the evolution of the Islam faith, the role of women in Islam, the current political situation from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the rest of the Middle East, and India. He shared that like in Christianity,  where we have a broad range of types of Christianity (Methodist, Catholic, Fundamentalists, Baptist, Episcopal, etc.) there are many denominations of the Islamic faith too. 

In November, Azzi  will be recognized as a First Amendment Honoree.
He works to encourage tolerance, understanding and interfaith discussion.  From the Union Leader article on September 30, 2018, Azzi was quoted as stating, “I want to open up new perspectives for my audiences, especially for those who don’t often agree with me, and expose them to points of view I believe are important and which they might not have previously considered”.

In choosing him, the Loeb School First Amendment Award judges cited Azzi’s “courage and his vocal, forthright and honest” presentations about what it’s like being Muslim in post-9/11 America.
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