Marcos Stafne, the Executive Director at the Montshire Museum of Science
Marcos Stafne
Marcos began is talk letting us know that this is the third time he has been invited to give a talk at the Rotary Club of Lebanon.  Each time he has been invited by Steve Christy.  At each visit Steve has not been present for his talk.  He knows Rotarians like the fine members for transgressions and suggested with a smile that Steve should receive a $3.00 fine at the next meeting.
Marcos went on to give us a great update about all that is happening at the Montshire.  
He shared the organizations mission statement:
Montshire Museum’s mission is to awaken and encourage a lifelong interest in science through exhibits and programming dedicated to hands-on discovery and education for people of all ages. Unique to this mission is Montshire’s 100-acre New England riverfront setting, which fosters deep and creative learning in both the physical and natural sciences.
To see their strategic plan click here
The museum was one of the first hands-on science centers in the USA. It is one of approximately 350 science centers in the United States. Last year 170,000 adults and children visited the museum. We learned that the museum sits on 110 acres along the Connecticut River in Norwich, and the land extends into Hartford.
The focus on both the physical and natural sciences
They work to engage all ages in activities both indoors and outdoors.  The goal is to help all experience the "joy of science".
Marcos shared information about current and upcoming exhibits that are planned from now to 2021.  
  • Currently their is Airworks which is a series of pneumatic structures.
  • Coming in July will be an exhibit about Space.  July 20 will be the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.  The exhibit will inform us about the earth, the sun, the moon and the universe.
  • 2020 will turn our attention to Dinosaurs.
  • 2012 will tell us stories about Leonardo Da Vinci and his machines.
He also shared news of efforts to make the center more "green".  They have installed a huge pellet stove that is fueled by NH wood pellets.
The museum is working to enhance their 3 miles of trails using a neighborhood approach to make each area on the trails unique. 
  • Go outdoors and explore the trails, with trailside exhibits. Stop by Woodland Garden, David Goudy Science Park, or Planet Walk, a walking tour of the solar system.
Check out their new web site.  Click here