Assistant Mayor Below spoke about the new Lebanon Community Power Grant.  

Cliff Below

Counselor Below described in great detail the potential benefits of using this grant to establish Lebanon Community Power.

"The following is the information about the grant that can be found on the City of Lebanon Energy and Facilities web page:


On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, the New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) awarded the City of Lebanon a $75,000 tax credit grant to aid in the development and launch of Lebanon Community Power, a municipal aggregation program being created by the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee (LEAC) under the direction of the City Council.   

The Lebanon Community Power program aims to be an innovative, forward-looking program that will provide a substantial positive opportunity for meaningful and effective local and community engagement on critical energy issues and the development of innovative programs, products, and services. 

Assistant Mayor and LEAC Chair Clifton Below received the grant on behalf of the City, stating:  

This is an exciting opportunity for Lebanon to lead the way in developing a municipal aggregation program. Lebanon Community Power can help the City accelerate progress towards its energy goals of transitioning to sustainable and renewable energy in a cost-effective manner.

Municipal aggregation has been successful in many other communities but not yet New Hampshire, though pending legislation may change that. With the City’s support, the NH House and Senate have passed Senate Bill 286 that updates and improves NH’s municipal aggregation statute.

The City will be partnering with businesses that have NH business profits tax liability to purchase the tax credits that will be awarded through the grant."


Cliff introduced us to Tad Montgomery, the Energy and Facilities Manager for the City of Lebanon who will work with the Counsel to implement the grant, and continue to advise the city about ways to conserve energy and meet peak demands for power.  Tad over sees the Energy Master Plan.

If you have questions about this program, your editor suggests you e-mail or call Assistant Mayor Below or Tad Montgomery.  More information about this project will be mailed to everyone in Lebanon

Clifton Below

Assistant Mayor, Ward 3 (Term expires 3/21)
Phone: 603-448-2519
Tad Montgomery
Energy and Facilities Manager
Phonre: 603-442-6140


Cliff Bbelow Introduction:
Assistant Mayor Below is the son of a Navy Chaplain and public school teacher who grew up in Mainr. Below has lived in Lebanon since 1977 when he was still a Dartmouth student. After Graduation he went on to earn a Master's of Science degree in Community and Economic Development.  He has worked on revitalizing downtown Lebanon since the mid-1980s.  
In 1991, Below was a member of our District's Group Study Exchange to Finland.  He has been a state representative, served in the State Senate, and Public Utilities Commissioner for 6 years.
Below is now in his third term as City Councilor and his first as Assistant Mayor.